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Hi. Second anime convention that I attended for this month is Cubicon.
Held at SM Megamall megatrade hall last March 23-24. I went there on the first day.

Ok, without any further delay. Here are pics from the event.

First pic is my friend Anjeline. Said that she would wear a gothic Haruhi costume, but changed her mind on the night before the convention. Well, a maid is cute too.


Jenevic doing a Hatsune Miku cosplay. I haven't seen this version before.


Bought a ticket and went inside. There's a lot of people in front of the stage, because a cosplay competition is about to start.

Went outside again.

Yen-chan with her White Mage costume. She's pleasant to talk to. ",)

Barbie and Precious, they're handing out free gaming manuals for Final Combat and Forbidden Kingdom. I took one of each.


Went back inside to watch the cosplay competition.

. . .

Shuffle Magazine is present once again in this event. At their booth, I made the common mistake of not recognizing someone I know when they wear a different wig. Used to seeing Leny in the Shuffle area, so I automatically assumed she's the one sitting there. Turned out that it's Akire-chan who's watching the booth this time (sorry for not recognizing you Akire-chan! ><), because Leny is a judge at the cosplay competition.

Akire-chan cosplaying as Morgianna of Magi. She later told me that she can't smile, because the character she's cosplaying does not smile.


Also at the Shuffle booth is Zely, she's cosplaying as Maria from Boku wa Tomodachi.

. . .

Went back to the stage and saw Em performing a vocaloid song. She has a nice voice. ",)

. .

Want some souvenirs?

Aria Kanzaki cosplayer. She's a rather cheerful person when not doing a serious Aria pose. I like how she suddenly pulled out the gun for the second pic.



Rose doing a Rin Kagamine cosplay. Told me that this version is called "Allurin Secret Black Vow".

A white Black Rock Shooter?

Want some gashapons? They're on sale.

This store sells kimonos.

Otaku's Den. I bought a souvenir from them. The hand puppets that they're selling are quite cute.


Em with her Miku Hatsune cosplay. She's the person who sang on stage.

Went back to the Shuffle booth. And Leny is back from her work as a cosplay judge.

She did a Kobato cosplay for this convention.


Decided to go outside to look for some more cosplayers.

Leeanne Mae cosplaying as Black Gold Saw


Cloud Strife

Went back inside


It's already afternoon, and a band is going to perform. One of the performers is GM Moka, she's a game master at Forbidden Kingdom online game. Pics were taken before they performed. Band members were still setting up the instruments.

. .

Resumed walking around after watching the band performance. Though at a slightly slower pace this time. Already a little tired at this point.

An angel


Tron (female version) by Dianne. Don't worry, they're just acting.

Saw Akire-chan outside. I took one more pic of Morgianna.

And last pic for the day is Anjeline. This has been a good day.

Goodbye Cubicon. Hope to visit again next year.

Pic taken after getting home.

Simple souvenir that I got from this convention is a Chuunibyou mousepad. Beside it are the game manuals that I got for free,

Well, that's it. Thank you for reading.
Next convention is Tagcom 2013.

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