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Well I guess another season of "WOOP WOOP PULL OVER THAT ASS TOO FAT" is up on the line. Series was ok, with the first half providing decent lulz comedy, but it completely fell off in the second half when it decided to be super serious with the forced romance and melodrama. I'm still dumbfounded on how it got a nomination for the "romance" category in the 2012 Animesuki Awards .

Could be worse though... could have been K-on s3 though or something borefest centric. Disappointed it isn't another season of FMP (fat chance), Haruhi or Hyouka or an entirely new project altogether.

Don't think we'll be getting another anime original project anytime soon considering it's 2 strikes out of 2 in that department (Munto and now Tamako Market). Kyoani is no PA works, so it's probably better to stick with adaptations which is what they are good at.
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