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Unit Designation: Kyokugen

Designated pilot: Orimura Chifuyu

timeline: Cake eater

-- Originally, Orimura Chifuyu was to be disallowed from piloting IS ever again. The Kurezakura which she used to save her kidnapped brother, Orimura Ichika during the 2nd Mondo Grosso was sealed after seeing it breakthrough the arena barrier of the Mondo Grosso stadium as well as a dispatched squad of four security Rafaels in record time of 12 seconds. However reconsideration of her past history, she was allowed to pilot IS and rejoin Mondo Grosso under certain conditions. She would be put under probation and prove herself capable of self control by serving 1200 hours in non-competitive professional IS industry. This lands her in ISRI as a test pilot and idol. Chifuyu is put under the management of Erine Umiyome. Erine eventually gives Chifuyu the right to pilot the rejected successor of the Uchigane, the Kyokugen.

-- The Kyokugen resembles a samurai warlord, resembling the classic Japanese motiff of the Uchigane. It sports two "Arbiter" shields that float around as part of the unit's armoring. Unlike the Uchigane, the Kyokugen has more solid feet giving emphasis to skill of pilot footwork than the ability to manipulate the PIC. The unique feature of the Kyokugen is that it focuses on the primary attributes of the IS including strength, agility, speed, dexterity and perception. The Kyokugen could easily overpower an Uchigane in comparison of submission holds. What's more the Arbiter shields each have a generator that act as the unit's atmospheric flight boosters as well as link-up turbine to push the physical boosts of the Kyokugen even further. Though the most basic purpose of the Arbiter shields is to act as a handheld shield.

Kaen gari -- facilitates ignition by exothermic bond breaking. Reformation requires much less so endothermic reactions cannot offset heat release. The metal itself is made of an acidic reductive material. The metal dissolves easily into other matter making the blade self destructive. The metal still continues to burn in this case reaching temperatures of 700 to 4000K pending on pressure exerted. The metal eats away at matter by inducing exothermic bond breakage. It infects and grows from where the slash is inflicted.

Raigumo -- a sword whose sub-atomic structure has a denser electron cloud than normal. They are unstable as they continuously jump between each other with varying voltage potential between the sword tip and sword tang. This causes the sword's atoms to continuously expand and contract, hardening the material and distabilizing the electron structure of the object being sliced. The sword undergoes an excess of 20,000V running through it.

EDIT: Armament update:

Seizan -- a sword made of living metal. Normally this metal grows into an unshapable mass and requires much maintenance when forcing it to retain its shape, mostly by sanding down or cutting overgrown sections. However Erine has been able to stabilizre the metal to limit its growth upon reaching a desired shape. The metal will regenerate when damaged and the repairs will be stronger than the original.

Toumei -- a sword made of a metal that generates a peculiar magnetic field that refracts the electromagnetic spectrum. It is virtually invisible to the naked eye and even most forms of scanning. The blade is completely invisible but it has one special trait other than this. Due to its ability to refract electromagnetic fields, it has much higher shield attenuation than most other physical blades.

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