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Just an hour earlier, I was listening to The Personalizer, and a random thought about Saffron Blossom floated around...and this was the result.

First, the duel avatar, before I forget its identity. The controller's history can be filled in later. I've organised it into spoiler tags for ease of viewing parts of the description.

Lemon Persona
Spoiler for Appearance and Armament description:
Spoiler for Moves:
Spoiler for Exceptions and Examples:

Edit: Now for the controller. Her personality and bio is enclosed in a spoiler tag for the sole purpose of presentation.

Name: Reimu Yamahana (山花霊夢 Yamahana Reimu)

Age: 11

Appearance: I initially thought of the Touhou Reimu, but that's the laziest use of brain cells. So here's Amatsume Akira from Yosuga No Sora. Yes, I've watched that anime...ONLY that anime out of the tons coming in that genre.

Stats: Just a little shorter than her avatar, Reimu stands on the petite side at 1.47m tall and weighing 50kg.

Spoiler for Personality & Biography:

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