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One way to add a border to animated GIFs

Software: ImageReady.

There are a couple ways to add a border to all the layers of an animated GIF in ImageReadywithout adding it to each layer one at a time. The easiest way to add a border to all layers in one shot is to make a new layer and have it be the top layer. What ever you do in that top layer, can affect the other layers.


Here’s an animation with 7 frames (layers).

Spoiler for Image 1:

Let say I want to add a simple square 1 pixel black border to it. So, without any layers active, I create a new layer (layer 8 in this example):

Spoiler for Image 2:

That gives me a new blank transparent layer. What ever I do to this layer (Fill, Stroke, etc), will filter down to all the other layers.

Spoiler for Image 3:

So…make that layer active by clicking on it and do a Select All (Ctrl+A).

Spoiler for Image 4:

That will give you the crawling ants dashed border around your composite image:

Spoiler for Image 5:

Just apply a Stroke and the border will be added to the current layer as well as the rest below it:

Spoiler for Last few images:

And you’re done. You now have a border on all frames in the animation. Cheers.

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