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It's currently summer vacation for students here in my country. Well, anime convention organizers seem to be taking advantage that school is over, and people have more free time.

Attended Tagcom 2013 last April 6 (Saturday), held at Robinsons Place Manila. This is a three day convention, and admission is free! On observation, Tagcom seems to be more centered on selling anime merchandise. And there are presentations on stage in the late afternoon and evening, which made the day even more fun.

Here are the pics:

First cosplayer I saw is my friend Angel-chan, cosplaying as a nurse version of Miku. A nice smile to start the day.

. .

Walking a little bit more I saw a Rikka cosplayer. I know her name, but she wishes to remain anonymous. Told me that she liked how Chuunibyou ended. ",)


Acchan cosplayer. I consider myself blessed to see one.

Ok, Tagcom is a merchandise convention. So shall we take a short peek at some of the items?

Toys, wigs, colored contact lenses, and even ready to wear costumes for sale.

. .

Carmina with her Grand Archer Rena cosplay


Shenny-chan cosplaying as Konata and Julienne as a character from Maid Sama.


Pikachu cosplay by Zhykrys. There's 2 Pikachu this day, but I failed to get a good photo of the other one. Can't catch them all I guess.

Something for Gundam fans.

. .

Guess what they're auctioning on stage? It's teddy bears!


The silent man. He never talked.

My friend Netski wearing a gothic version of Miku. Good thing she identified herself, recognizing people wearing wig is not one of my best abilities. Made mistakes in past conventions.


Taiga cosplay by Jovelle, she has plenty of friends.


Bear cosplay by Tasha

Try the Kendama challenge?

Strength cosplay by Ehren. I asked where are her arms. She said that she didn't bring them. Well, the cosplay is still good.

Archbishop from Ragnarok Online cosplay by Siege


Taking a look at one more store


Like to read some manga?

This energetic cosplayer is Mikki Nyan, cosplaying as Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier. She also cosplayed as Ranka at UP AME anime convention.

. .

Mayden Kae Ong cosplaying as Kali from Dragon Nest

Can't survive without buying water.. !

More Dragon Nest cosplayers. It seems the area behind them is for testing games.


Azelle Lee cosplaying Asuna from SAO


Looks like the bags used by kids in Japan ",)

Celestine cosplaying as Yuko Ichihara



Have two friends in this pic. Sabrina doing a maid cosplay, and Allea (purple hair) cosplaying as someone from Naruto.

There's always a cute cosplayer at the Dragon Nest area.

Love Tierra dance group. I liked when they danced to "Forever Love", it's japanese music, anyone know which anime it came from?


Gundam fans assembling gundam model kits. This convention has something for a lot of people. You won't get bored!


Sword Art Online

Late afternoon.

Say goodbye to Anjeline. She went home at about 6 pm. It's obvious that we're already both tired, but her smile is still there.

Silent man is still there.

Naruto cosplayers

I decided to stay a little longer, because the performances on stage are entertaining.

"Ivy" singing Morning Coffee. Their singing is nice to listen to.

Say goodbye to Netski. Tough girl, she doesn't look tired at all.


Some more cosplayer pics before going home.


Went outside.

Jazminne cosplaying as Mario. Laughed a little. It's funny when she said something like "this hand is for uppercut". Some of my tiredness disappeared.


Went back inside

Ghost Rider, he seems to be quite popular among the kids present.

. .

Robo policeman. He was on stage during the teddy bear auction.

And final cosplayer photo for the day is a Dragon nest cosplay by Jei-Em. Sorry, I'm far too tired to ask her which character.


Goodbye Tagcom 2013, and hoping there would be a Tagcom 2014!
Next convention that I would attend is Ozine to be held at Megamall a few days from now. Dj Jinri Park and korean cosplayer Azu Miyuko are guests there.

Pic taken after getting home.

I bought a Girls Generation mousepad, as a simple souvenir from Tagcom.

Well, that's it for my report on Tagcom 2013.
Thanks for reading.

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