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Originally Posted by FateAnomaly View Post
So the titans are currently free to roam inside the first wall? How big is the area within the first wall?
Yeah, anything between wall Maria and wall Rose is Titan domain now.
As for how big is the area, I don't know if anyone else did the math already, but if we consider the info that were disclosed in EP1 reliable, then the distance between Maria and Rose is 100 km, the one between Rose and Sina is 130 km, and the distance between Sina and the center is 250 km.

Now from EP2 we see that the walls aren't actually perfect circles but they are close enough, so calculating the areas is a matter of simple math.

The whole human settlement prior to the invasion of wall Maria is (100+130+250)^2 * ╥
that makes roughly 723.822 Km^2

To make a comparison the whole Texas is 696,241 km^2 so this gives you a good idea of how big is the land enclosed between the walls. Having mountains, cities, valleys and forests inside isn't farfetched at all and it is indeed enough land to support several thousands of humans along with domesticated animals.

If we take away the area between Maria and Rose we get 453,645 km^2
and by consequence the land lost to Titans is 270,177 km^2, more ore less like the whole New Zealand.

The New Zealand is far from being very populated and it has about 4.5 millions inhabitants.

So in other words The humans in this story should have plenty of land, and it's probably the lack of advanced technology that doesn't allow them to sustain a large population. It was hinted by Hannes that they also have problems with plagues, so they pretty much live in the living conditions that you would expect from a medieval scenario with famines annexed.

Splitting the area further, the land between Sina and Rose is 257,295 km^2 and the remaining land is 196,349 km^2

Now the next obvious question is... just how long are these walls?! Well this is also a matter of simple math...

Wall Maria: 3015 km
Wall Rose: 2387 km
Wall Sina: 1570 km

And these numbers don't consider the walls that enclose the cities at the four gates of each circle.

The Great Wall of China with all of its branches is 21,196 km according to wikipedia, but that's not a good comparison because it's barely five meters tall or even less in some parts, while the walls in Shingeki no Kyojin have a colossal size of 50 meters.

Originally Posted by Solace View Post
I actually don't mind some of these added details, the intro of the armored titan was awesome compared to the manga.
It was indeed a nice addition. I actually didn't even know what they were talking about in the manga when later they mention this "armored titan", his introduction is so abrupt and he appears in so few panels that I didn't even realize it was a particular Titan at first.
The anime renders him justice by giving him the screentime he deserves.

PS: Marina Inoue as Armin, I can't help but remembering Kana from Minami-ke when he talks ^^;

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