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Hi. Here's one more anime convention for the month of April. Ozine Fest 2013 is a large anime convention that happened last April 12-14 at SM Megamall. I attended day 2, arrived at around 3:30 pm and left at about 8:30 pm. Conventions by Ozine are among the best conventions that you could attend here in the Philippines. This Ozine event features a meet and greet with korean cosplayer Aza Miyuko, and Jinri Park would be coming as a guest as well, so it's not surprising that there's a whole lot of people present in this event.

One of the things I did right away is search for friends.

First pic is my friend April, cosplaying as Rin. Meltdown version.
The night before Ozine day 2, we had a short chat. She's trying to decide if she would cosplay as Yukiko from 11 eyes, or as Rin. Well, Yukiko is nice, but the costume is still incomplete (only one knife is ready and no cap). So it's decided that she would cosplay as the vocaloid character.


Mary Grace cosplaying as Elwing from Shining Tears, and Cristel with her goth costume, they're sisters. Cristel is also one of my friends, and one reason I found them is because she told me that she's "with an archer". ",)


And walking some more. I met another good friend.
Aimee in her maid costume, it has large paws.

Some more cosplayers. There's really a lot of people in this cosplay event.

. .

Ericka cosplaying as Sakura from CCS

Alex cosplaying as Nyarko


Bought a ticket.

Started walking towards the other end of the hallway.

Elaine and Hannah wearing M and L caps. I suppose M and L means Mario and Luigi?

One more friend found. Anjeline cosplaying as goth version of Haruhi. Smiling as always. There are several people taking pics of her.


Ok, found most of them. I now headed to the entrance of the Megatrade Hall, because Yuki told me by text that she's at the "Matsuri Shrine".

A few steps away from Anjeline, I saw Ynna cosplaying as Miku and her sister Lyka as bunny girl.

Walked a bit and now near the entrance.

Marianne Grace cosplaying as C.C. She even has Cheese-kun!

LJ in her gothic costume

Sett cosplaying as.. told me that's she's doing an original cosplay (not cosplaying as anyone). Cute.

Jolleen cosplaying as Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji. Another cute one.

Now went inside. They would stamp invisible ink to your wrist, and it glows when they shine a light on it.

Megumi and Wendy. Told me that they're cosplaying as japanese maids.


Proceeded to look for Yuki inside.

Saw the stage being prepared. There will be an auction and band performance later this day.

A drawing contest in progress.


Met another goth Haruhi cosplayer. Looks like she already bought some merchandise from the stalls.


Ozine has a table for their magazines. Unfortunately, because the day was so busy, I forgot to buy some copies.


Still can't find Yuki, and it's almost 5 pm in the afternoon. Why is the Matsuri Shrine so hard to find? I even asked a guard if the convention has an "extension area" somewhere. For now, I decided to fall in line at the Ozine Maid Cafe.


At this point I texted Yuki. Told her that I've been looking for a long time. If she could please come over to the cafe for a short time, because I really can't find the shrine.

Yuki is a marshall (one who manages things) at the shrine for this day. Realized that I've seen her earlier, just didn't recognize because of the costume.

After Yuki left, someone found me. And it's no other than Santa Girl Camille, I call her that because she gave me free candies at Animax Carnival (a previous con), while being dressed in a santa costume.

Told me that this time she's helping so that a certain "Monkey Panda" could visit the Philippines again. Already a little tired, she told me other details about Monkey Panda but I forgot them, sorry. I asked her if she could take my place in the line for awhile, because it's a better background for taking a pic.

Ok, after a few minutes wait. Finally got inside the Ozine Maid Cafe.
If you attend Ozine conventions, I'd recommend visiting this place at least once. Leny (Kobato cosplayer at Cubicon), Akire-chan (Morgianna cosplayer at Cubicon), and Zely (Maria cosplayer at Cubicon) all work as cute maids here.

Kyoko, that's her real name. Told me that she's part japanese.
She also told me that they decided to do a theme, this time they wore swimsuit with skirt instead of a maid uniform. And it's cute! Well, she seems nice, but isn't much of otaku, so we didn't have much to talk about. I did tell her that I would make a post about her here in Animesuki.

Food I ate at the maid cafe. Took pic before eating.

Souvenir from Kyoko.

Recovered because I got to rest a bit at the cafe. Now proceeded to taking as many pics as possible before going home, before the batteries of my digicam ran out.

Jaja cosplaying as Rose of the Rainbow Wood from Cardfight Vanguard

Eunmie cosplaying as Haruhi

Surprised that someone called me. It's Precious, met her at Cherry con. Surprised that she remembered. This time she's helping promote Divosaga, a friendster game. She gave a free card, which would help if I played the game.

. .

Gaming area

Found the elusive Matsuri Shrine! It's actually at the entrance. The reason I haven't found it is because I expected it to have a sign "Matsuri Shrine", which it doesn't have, so I passed it many times - not realizing it's the shrine.

Yuki in front of Matsuri Shrine. You can write wishes on brown paper, and place it there.

Liberty, she's one of the Ozine staff. Not a sign of tiredness on her.


Would you like to play with balloons like you see in some anime?

Dare enter the Horror House?

Lulu from League of Legends cosplay

Group of K-On cosplayers, and they're cute! Due to tiredness, I was only able to get the name of one member of the group. The Mio cosplayer is Clarence. However, I was able to talk to two more a few days after the convention - Donna Mae (Yui) and Abe Gail (Ritsu).

Surprised that Ozine also has a drawing area, similar to the one I've seen at Komikon (a manga convention).

Some Unicef people are present as well.

Jayz Enna Salas cosplaying as Tender Shall from Dream of Dolls. She cosplayed the character pretty well, in my opinion.

One more peek at the drawing area

Drawings by Au-di

. .

The name of this group is Pin-san. They sell souvenirs such as pins, stickers, and bookmarks.
They can also draw for you (black and white or colored) for a small fee.

. .

Party Queen Makeover Studio. Want Taiga to fit a wig to you?


Auction on stage. I leave it to you to describe what they're auctioning.

Some anime banners that hang on the ceiling. Surprised to see Girls und Panzer and Tamako Market. I guess Ozine is up to date with new anime.

. . .

Shirt printing service by Transfer it! Got a nice souvenir shirt from this area.

It's about past 8 pm on my watch. Did some final photos inside.

One more K-on cosplayer. Her name is Jane, and the little girl is her sister.


Went outside.

These are located near the entrance. Ozine and Shuffle announcement of new issues for their magazines. Sadly, I wasn't able to buy any. The people selling magazines at the Ozine table seems to have already left by this time of the day.

My digicam still has a little battery power..

Moka cosplay by Cee.

Jin Yukii cosplaying as Mary from Eve. It's the first time I've seen a cosplay like this one, the picture frame looks like it's a part of the cosplay. ",)

And the last photo for the day is a cute Mei Misaki cosplay by Yumi-chan

Goodbye Ozine Fest 2013. It has been a memorable day.

Pics taken after getting home.

Souvenir Ozine 2013 shirt

Maid pin from Kyoko

Ozine Fest ticket

Divosaga game card from Precious, seems like it would help you get free in-game items.

Well, that's all. Thanks for reading. ",)
Not yet sure on what con to attend next month, but I would be sure to post here if I ever attend one.

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