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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo
I was surprised there wasn't already a thread for this. If there was, please merge or delete this post.
There was one, and it had quite few posts in it, until it got deleted when the forum went down.


Its based on a manga thats serialized in the seinen(young men's) manga magazine Sunday GX (Sunday Gene-X).
For now there are 5 volumes released of this manga, here are the covers:

Genre: Seinen, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Info from AnimeNfo:

Matsumaru was stood up by a girl whom he had asked to go out with him. When he was trying to throw away the movie tickets, a girl blamed him for wasting the tickets. So, he gave her a ticket, and he went to the movie alone. However, at the theater, he found that girl reading the subtitles aloud.

This is the love story about a common man and a girl who has a dream to be a voice actress. Her apartment was in a fire, and they began to live in the same room together. Meanwhile, she was adopted as the voice actress in the TV commercial of Shomaru’s company’s product.
Genre: Seinen, Comedy, Drama, Romance

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