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SAO Post Translation

From reekilynn's post,
Spoiler for Originally posted by reekilynn, 2013/06/04:
Spoiler for Tusjecht comments::


To include two updates on July 4th and 9th:

After a good night's rest, and I haven't a chance yet to use my laptop, I decided to translate from my phone.
Spoiler for Originally posted by reekilynn (2013-07/04):
Spoiler for Tusjecht comments:


reekilynn updated on 26 July with a cover for V13 with font.
Spoiler for Originally posted by reekilynn, 2013/07/26:
'Subtitle' refers to the words 'Alicization Dividing' written in katakana below Sword Art Online. (アリシゼーション・デイバイデイグ)

The image is really small, and I can't do anything about it. Link is here.

5th August 2013: Update with large cover. Season, 秋bought a copy of V13 and uploaded the pictures onto; reekilynn reposted them.
Spoiler for Originally Posted By reekilynn, 2103/08/05:
Someone PM a mod for me or something lol. I'm off and I'll be back this afternoon to translate another SAO update on 10th August as well as an AW 15 update.

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