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Went to Toycon 2013 last Sunday, June 16. It's a three day event held at SM Megamall, I attended the last day. Got there at about 1 p.m. and went home at past 7 pm. Compared to last year's Toycon, this Toycon is incredibly crowded. Probably because another anime convention - Hero Face Off 2013, is being held on the same floor as Toycon. Alodia and Jinri Park are also special guests at Toycon for this day, which is obviously a good thing.

Ok, without further delay. Here are the pics:

First pic of the day are two Persona cosplayers.

Chibi Madoka cosplay by Elijah Nicole.

My friend Cristel and her sister Mary Grace.
Mary is doing a cosplay of Aqua from Kingdom Hearts.

Cristel told me that they could only stay till 3. It's good I searched for them first.

. . .

Princess cosplaying a character from Fairy Tail.

The silent man. He never talked, only used hand signals.

Shai cosplaying as Yui from K-On.


Frances Andrea doing a Miku cosplay. I talked a bit to the person who seems to be her mom. She told me that it's Andrea's first time to cosplay.
Not bad at all for a first time.

Samurai. Anyone know which anime this cosplay is from? There's also a green one and a black one nearby, but I wasn't able to get their pic because of the thick crowd.

My friend Mikki cosplaying as Ranka. Cheerful girl, she had I think 2 or 3 photographer friends with her. They already finished doing a phetoshoot.
A day after the convention, she said that she's happy to be able to buy a figurine that she liked. I was suddenly tagged to it on FB. o_o

. .

Went down to the 4th floor.

Jenma cosplaying as Fionna from Adventure Time. Met her when I went down. Told me that she's a writer.
Wow, the air in the 4th floor feels fresh and comfortable compared to the hopelessly crowded 5th floor. Anyway, can't relax here for long, there's still some other friends that I need to find.

. .

Kia cosplaying as Phoenix. Met her on the 4th floor as I was about to go up the escalator.

Back to the 5th floor.

Aya Orevis from Mad Father, cosplayed by Miku Heart

Witch Blade


Taiga cosplay by Allysa. Tsundere characters are always nice.

. . . .

Yan Yan, she's only wearing a wig. Still cute though, so I took pic. ",)
She's friends with Alyssa (Taiga cosplayer).


Morgiana and Aladdin from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Luka Megurine Maid cosplay by Yumi Jiin


Delayed buying ticket because the line is long like long cat. And for some reason, when it's my turn to pay, the cashier inside is telling me something that I can't hear properly - in a noisy convention you should speak louder please. Onegai desu. Anyway, long story short, I managed to pay because I noticed that there's an "express lane" nearby, and it could be used for people who have exactly 120 pesos. Got ticket at last. @_@

Entered the Megatrade Hall

Plenty of souvenirs to buy. And as an added health benefit, it's much much cooler and easier to move around in here than the crowded hallways.

. . .

Tiffany cosplaying as Minami-san from Queen's Blade. Met her and her sister (not cosplaying) in front of Otaku's Den.
In this area, I took the time to relax and buy a souvenir for someone.

Dragon Nest booth


While wandering around, I unexpectedly saw Alodia. The last time that I saw her up close was in 2011 at Mall of Asia. She's still very pretty, and I'm glad to get near again after almost 2 years. After several failed attempts (tried so hard!), I managed to get a few pics of her before she moved on to another area. Success. >

. . .

Want to take home some magazines?


Toy Empire booth


Komikon booth - they seem to be promoting some new manga and doujins.

. . .

Jem cosplaying as Mio from K-On. And her friend David.
Well, it's nice to have your own cameraman when going to cons. /just kidding :P


This store sells Jinri Park mechandise, I bought one of the pins. One of the store workers told me that Jinri is doing a "meet and greet" nearby.


Senjougahara Hitagi from Bakemonogatari

Jhana doing a Taiga cosplay. Well, always nice to have more palmtop tigers.

Late afternoon and getting a little tired at this point. So I kept staying inside the Megatrade Hall where it is cooler.

Name of this store is Kaiba. Their giant stuffed pillow got my attention.


Just a few steps from "Kaiba", I met Rachielle cosplaying as Saber, and her friend Nine cosplaying as Princess Tomoyo. Day is full of surprises, I didn't expect to see someone cosplaying a character from Tsubasa Chronicles.


And taking a few more steps. I met Katherine cosplaying as Kobato-chan from Boku wa Tomodachi. Her friend Elai is cosplaying as Sena.


There seems to be a drawing contest going on, I moved to take a closer look.

Walking to take closer look at the person drawing.,. suddenly realized that I got into the area where they are doing the meet and greet with Jinri Park. Tiredness gone in an instant, and suddenly with a mission to take her pic. Tried getting a shot. But it's even harder than getting a pic of Alodia, Jinri is well guarded by the Toycon staff. Still managed to get pic of Jinri., unfortunately it's blurred. Gomenasai..

Blurred is still better than nothing though. And I'm thankful I even had this.

Went back to the hallway.

Got revitalized by the encounter with Jinri, so I proceeded to go back to the hallway. There's more cosplayers in this area than inside the Megatrade hall.

Some more cosplayers.


Bunny girl, there are many people taking pics of her. Though of course, getting her pic is not as hard as getting a pic of Alodia or Jinri.


Unexpectedly met someone I know, it's Rina in her Miku cosplay once again. She won a cosplay contest last year (Pop Culture Fair). So cute, when she speaks english while holding her stuffed toy. *-*

. . .

Tiana cosplaying as Katen Kyokotsu from Bleach. She moves around rather fast, like a ninja. o_o

. . .

Princess Elf cosplay by Ashley, and her friend Apple doing a demon hunter cosplay from Diablo 3.

My friend Jane-chan. These pics were shot at the carpark.
Hard to believe, but there's still a lot of cosplayers present at this hour. On most conventions that I've attended, the crowds usually start to get thinned by 5 pm. Here in Toycon 2013, the crowds looks like the same number as when I arrived, and the photoshoots now extend to the carpark. o_o


Yuno with her reliable axe. Cosplay by Kristine.

Entrance to the Megatrade Hall. Almost time to go home.. it's already past 7 in the evening.

Not sure, but she reminds me of Riko from Aria the Scarlet ammo.

Tomomi Itano cosplay by Mina. Not much to comment except this is truly a nice day.. I'm just a few minutes from going home and then I found a cosplay that I've been looking for since 1 pm. ",)


One last walk around the 5th floor.

Stockings cosplay. She has lots of fans, just like the bunny girl cosplayer that I saw earlier.


Desu.. err, I mean Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden.
I found them near benches where some cosplayers are resting.


Princess, the Fairy Tail cosplayer that I met when I arrived is still here. She looked a bit tired too, but still available for one last pic.

Some more pics before going to the carpark. Cute cosplayers, they replied "dou itashimashite" when I thanked them for the pic. Sadly, I lacked the strength to ask people's names at this point. >_<

And last pic for the day is my friend Allea. She's with her group of Naruto cosplayers.

Overall, it's a nice day. Though with a few negatives, two friends were unable to attend today due to various reasons. And I was unable to find one friend (Aimee), apologized to her through FB as soon as I got home.. Goodbye Toycon 2013, and hope to come back on Toycon 2014.

Some simple souvenirs from Toycon.

I bought a Jinri Park Pin, and a hat. Gave the hat to one of my friends today. ",)


Well, that's it. Next convention report will be about Oh No Manga! Cosplay Camp, happening on July 7. Thank you for reading.

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