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Originally Posted by Valdra
That's just a little extra that comes with the Shuffle! Limited Edition DVDs. You get one girl per volume, install it and it adds them to the house.

As for what they do... I'd guess not much. I've never actually played it though, but I know a few people in this forum have
Yup, that's exactly right... and your guess is right on... It's really meant more as a novelty screensaver than anything else; it's not much of a game by any means. Basically, the girls just wander around doing their thing; if you have the games for multiple characters installed, they'll go visit each other at random. The only real form of interactivity is that every once in a while a target will appear that you can click on; this unlocks new items for the girls to use. These items appear in your item bin; either they'll be unlocked and now appear in the house (and can be used by the girl at random), or, if it's clothes or something, you can select them at any time to switch to them. And essentially... that's it. You don't control the character or anything like that. As I said, it's really more of a novelty screensaver than anything else, which reflects the fact that it's simply a pack-in bonus item.
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