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Hi. Just as promised, here's the report on Oh No Manga Cosplay Camp 2, held at SMX Hall 1.

This is a large anime convention. Just for a little info, the first Oh No Manga Cosplay Camp was held at SMNE Skydome, and we were crowded like heck in there. Thankfully, SMX is a much bigger place than Skydome, so this Oh No is more comfortable to attend than the first one.

Time: approximately 11 a.m

When we arrived, we proceeded to the 2nd floor because I didn't know that the con is being held at the first floor.

But we did find a friend at the 2nd floor. First photo for the day is my friend Anjeline. Cosplaying as Mirai Suenaga. She's really excited about this con, and told me that she even had a dream about it a few days before.

Next cosplayer we met is Shash. Hmm, I guess it's better start cosplaying at a young age. Beside her is my friend Karen.


Went down to the ground floor to buy tickets.
Karen told me that she would like to have a pic with the Kakashi cosplayer.

Irine from Dragon Nest cosplay

Bought tickets and went inside Hall 1.

Danci cosplaying as Sailor Saturn

Jewelle's Collections, they sell doujins and other stuff. They also sort of saved the day for me. They gave me a sheet of bond paper, because I forgot my notebook for taking people's names.

A look at the stage

Dragon Nest area


Mobile Suit statue, you can have an idea of how large it is by comparing it to the shutter door behind it.

Cardcaptor Sakura cosplayer, not shown here but her costume has a really long tail! Cute.

Minions for sale

We bought some souvenirs from this table.

. .

Kuinichii cosplaying as Black Rabbit, she's one of the people who stayed the whole day. I saw her again in the afternoon.

We are on sale everyday!


Dolls from ManikaManila


They seem to be doing promotional work for contact lenses.
Stockings cosplayer is Vanie, and her companion is Inah.


A masked man

Saw some more shops and displays as we walked along.
Otaku's Den, Vogue Royal, and some gundam.

. .

A view of the stage from the side.

Went out of Hall 1.

One more Mirai cosplayer

Saw one more of my friends. Jovelle cosplaying as Lucy from Fairy Tail.

Some more cosplayers that we saw outside.

. .

Went back inside

It's now approximately 1 PM in the afternoon.

Lots of cute anime magazines. There's even one that is a guide for writing Japanese characters. I bought a few to take home as souvenirs.


Tanabata! Make a wish? Karen wrote a wish here.


Saw the Irine cosplayer again. Asked her name this time - Misa.

Large boxes that look like Kyuubey. Well, it's fun to pose beside them.
As long as you don't get squished in between. XD

. . .

Now a bit hungry, so we bought some Takoyaki. Hot, and tasted really good!


12th from Mirai Nikki. This is a good costume, and he acts just like the character.

Well, if 12th is present. There should be a Yuno for defeating him.
Satsu, cosplaying as Yuno from Mirai Nikki.


Went outside

Pink haired cosplayer is Liliane, another one of my friends. Well, she said that she's trying to crossplay as the guy character that she created. ",)

Camille, the santa girl that I met at a convention in Robinson's Manila, she gave me food there, and she gave food again here. Ate cookies. Went to brush teeth afterwards. Thanks for the snack.

Met again the goth cosplayer that we've seen earlier. Her name is Yuuki.
I think I also saw her at a past convention held at World Trade Center.

Let's Kill Some Titans!

Megurine Luka cosplay

Wendy cosplaying as.. hmm, sorry forget the character. But I know this isn't simply a maid cosplay.

Mitzi cosplaying as Grand Archer Rena.
Always nice to see someone cosplaying as this character.

. . . . . .

Went back inside

Saw another Haruhi cosplayer inside. Her nickname is Lei. It seems that she's with her mom and some other relatives when going to this con.

Eilene (Shirakiin Richiyo) and Neko (maid cosplay). They work for Vogue Royal cosplay. At the time we found them, Neko is busy modelling a costume and a wig. There's some really nice costumes in the pile, and at a low price too.

. . . . . .

Next we found Jovelle working in her store.
There are cute cat and puppy ears sold here.

Some rather nice drawings on this table.


Saw one more maid cosplayer.


It's now approximately past 2 in the afternoon. Starting to feel a little tired.

Walking a bit more inside.

Met Ayaka, she said that her costume is a mix of "Gumi and Ranka Lee". Well, people are getting creative. XD

And beside Ayaka is her friend Mei, cosplaying as Taiwan from Hetalia.

One more look at the dolls.

Just a few steps away from the dolls, I saw Sophia.
Hmm, seeing several familar people in this con.

Went outside.

And this is my friend Yuki. I just recently found out that she can make designs for shirts.


Need to remove some of the tiredness, so I went to the restroom to wash my face with cool water.

Right in front of one of the entrances of SMX, I saw Ayu Soulcross cosplaying as Kuro Usagi. And this is probably one of the best cosplays I've seen for the entire day. She even has her own photographer. ",)

. . . . . .

Next, I saw Zhykrys, she's another cosplayer that I've met at a previous convention. She's saying something like "You're eating it all oniichan!!" Ok, I'm not the one eating, she's referring to someone else.

Went back inside.

Arielle with her maid cosplay. I noticed that she also has a camera ready for action.

Gwiyomi Challenge!! As the name implies, you have to Gwiyomi on stage. :P

. .

Up next is the mecha cosplay event.
The first one, it's a little girl inside the suit, and she can move it well. And the dinosaur (zoid) cosplay is too big to go up on stage, so he did his performance in front of the stage.

. . .

Tall tower near the stage. If you are in front (of the stage), then the tower is on the right side. ^

Reimu doll on display

Enma Ai cosplay by Danie, she works for Vogue Royal Cosplay just like Eilene and Neko.

Some souvenirs.


They look edible, but of course you can't eat them.


Karen taking souvenir pics with some guys.


Band Error 505 with Jannelle Cahilig as vocalist. So nice to hear her sing again after almost 2 years. The last song that they performed in the afternoon is 「My Dearest」 (I'm not the one who shot the video)

Mineral water area - they told me that they're volunteers.

It's now late afternoon, approximately 4 or 5 pm.

Went outside.

Irah doing a Shirakiin Richiyo cosplay (alternate version).

Irah has a little Luffie with her. :P

Camille changed to goth cos. She tends to change to another costume during the afternoon.

Abegail doing a Shingeki no Kyoujin cosplay.

Jillian told me that she's doing an original cosplay. Not cosplaying as any character. Anyway, I think it turned out really cute. I'm a bit tired at this point, but I remember her telling me that she's the host of one of the events that happened for this day. ",)


Ranie cosplaying as Victorique from Gosick.



By now, we're just making our last rounds and ready to go home. Completely tired at this point.

Leonalyn cosplaying as her own character. A cute and creative design in my opinion.


One more Naruto souvenir pic for Karen

Some more cosplayers. Unfortunately, I'm severely tired at this point and can't make the effort to ask their names. @_@

. .

Saw Kuinichii again. She's one tough bunny, not looking tired at all.

Rin Tohsaka cosplay by Lily Ada


And some more cosplayers

Went back inside Hall 1 with the intention of eating dinner at the maid cafe. So hungry. XD

These are rather creative. Some parts of the drawing are "lifted".


One last look at the activites inside. Place is very much alive and active even in the evening.

. . .

And again, met someone that I know. Tiffany and her sister Trixie. Tiffany is cosplaying as Serra Farran, while Trixie is cosplaying as Airi.

Now, for one of the more unique cosplays of the day. Here's Odie cosplaying as Satan Soul from Fairy Tail. Even if I'm tired, I would still take her pic.

On the way to the maid cafe, we saw another Haruhi cosplayer. She's playing Magic The Gathering Cards with someone. Even here someone plays MTG.

At last, reached the Oh No Manga Cosplay Camp Maid and Buttler Cafe! So many tasty looking stuffs. And we are badly in need of dinner.

Strange drinks on the menu, "mana potion", "revival potion", Haha.
Well, I politely called over a maid. The maid who came over is Paw. She's rather nice, and attended to us before and after the meal.

. . . . .

Really had fun in this Cafe. Souvenir pics, as well as good food.
Paw told us that the chef who designed the food is Ms. Eloisa Kim Cruz from Heavenly Sweets (in pink clothes in the pic last pic).

Also eating at the cafe is a Meroko cosplayer, her name is Marren.

Sadly, it is time to go home. ;_;............

But wait...not yet!! While Karen is in the restroom changing to civilian clothes. I met one more cosplayer.

Lian cosplaying a character from Fairy Tail

. .

Goodbye Oh No Manga Cosplay Camp 2, and hoping to attend Cosplay Camp 3 next year!

Photos taken after getting home.

Some souvenirs that I bought. The GFC magazine and bookmark are given free as you present your ticket at the entrance.


Souvenirs given by some friends.

Well, that's all. Thank you for reading my report on Oh No Manga! Cosplay Camp 2. Next report will be about Cosmania 2013. ",)

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