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Okay guys, the next SBS is out! First of all I should mention that, most unfortunately, there are no child drawings this volume. However, I do think that there's some interesting info here, nonetheless. Here are the SBS pages in question, courtesy of Redon from AP forums:

Spoiler for vol. 71 SBS:

And to summarize the more interesting questions:

-Remember the freelance reporter "Absa" who was mentioned in chapter 700 (the one who discovered the existence of the Kid/Apoo/Hawkins alliance)? Oda confirms that he is indeed Absalom from Moria's crew. It also turns out that "Absa's" articles are particularly popular among the male readership (lol ). But even more interestingly, Oda hints that it may have been Absalom who saved Moria from Doflamingo's trap at Marineford.....

-Oda confirms that the monster trio are the only ones in the Straw-Hat crew who can use haki. Furthermore, their specialties are Conqueror's Haki for Luffy, Armament Haki for Zoro, and Observation Haki for Sanji, respectively.

-It's revealed that Bepo is the Navigator for the Heart Pirates.

-On the subject of the Heart pirate crew, Oda shows some sketches of Law's tattoos (which you can see in one of the images in the spoiler tag). Furthermore, we get the name of Law's sword: Kikoku (which means something like "demon cry/howl"). Oda also notes that Kikoku is a cursed blade.....

-We get Caesar Crown and Monet's birthdays! The gas man's b-day is April 9th while the harpy's is August 27th.

.....And that's about it for now. Not the most outstanding SBS I know, but I still thought it was a pretty informative one this time around. I mean, we got to learn which types of haki the monster trio specializes in, we learn a little more about Law and his crew, and Oda once again pretty much confirms Moria's survival! Not a bad corner at all, if you ask me!

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