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Went to Otaku Expo 2013 last Sunday, August 18. It's a two-day event held at SM Megamall. We got there at around 3 pm and left at 7 in the evening.
On this day there's non-stop rain, and the streets on the way home might get flooded. But we really want to attend this event, so just hope for the best that the streets are not so flooded when it's time to head home.

The Megatrade Halls are located on the top level of Megamall Building B, which is the 5th floor.
However, we went first to the 4th floor to get prepared. When you get to the 4th floor, you would easily notice that there are also a small group of cosplayers there - an indication that there are plenty on the 5th floor.

4th Floor

First cosplayer that we met is Ayen. Cosplaying as Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura.
My friend Karen is wearing a Mayu Watanabe MKIII uniform (AKB0048).


5th Floor

Next, we now go up to the the floor where the Megatrade Halls are located. First cosplayer pic that I took pic on the 5th floor is Camille, we found her near the ticket booth. She seems to be cosplaying as an elf girl from a game, I like the ears. Anyone know this character?


Bought tickets and went inside the Megatrade Hall

It just took a few seconds to realize that it's hopelessly crowded inside.
Ok, the least crowded path goes near the stage, so we went there first. Three cosplayers are promoting 7 Deadly Sins, I think it's a game. They did a bit of walking on stage, and later they gave away some free wallscrolls. Sorry, I was not able to take a pic of the wallscrolls. It's so crowded, that it's not easy to even move my arms. One of my friends later told me that the name of the cosplayer in black is Eiri.

. . .

Walking away from the stage, and moving carefully so that we don't bump someone by accident.. we came across Hodge Podge Bottlecap Accessories.
All sorts of cute bottlecap inspired souvenirs can be found here! There's a design similar to a bookmark that has picture of a dog, which we bought. I'll show later. Oh, and the friendly looking salesgirl is Gem. ",)

. . .

Went outside

Unable to withstand the level of being crowded inside the Megatrade hall.
Our quick exit proved to be a good decision, there's more cosplayers outside than inside, and we can just come back inside the hall when it's less crowded.

Megumi cosplaying as Rikka from Chuunibyou. No explanation needed here, Rikka is cute!

. .

Received a text from my friend April. Actually, she was almost not able to attend because her dad is worrying about the rains and flood. After a lot of convincing, April managed to convince her parents to let her attend. Well, a con is better with Panda-chan around.

Panda theme. Her cap, clothes, and even her bag remind me of panda. Told me that her panda stuffed toys sometime steals her milk tea!


Hamah cosplaying as Akali from League of Legends. the pair of axe are nicely made, and they go well with the rest of her costume.

Isabelle wearing a Kimono, and her friend. Well, she's a costume and wig seller on FB. She;s also an AKB48 fan, which I assume is the reason why her friend is wearing an AKB48 uniform.

We've not walked far when I received another text message from April. She's coming back to meet us again with her newest panda. And it's huge. She told me that this one drank too much milk tea. O_O

. .

Went back inside

Karen wants to try out some wigs, so we went back inside and headed for a shop that sells one. Thankfully, the inside now is less crowded. At the wig shop we met one more person that we know. Eilene cosplaying as Minori from Toradora. She works at this shop, Vogue Royal Cosplay. And she's the one in charge of selling the wigs. Shop has many customers though, so after some wait we decided that it's better to stroll around for awhile. Will come back later.


Minion bags, another one of April's (Panda girl) favorite characters.

Banners, a lot of them are hanging on the ceiling. I wonder if they sell them when the convention is over?


Battle of the Bands. Several bands play one by one on stage. The pic here is the band that I liked listening to. Unfortunately, I was not able to remember the band name or the song that they sang.

I managed to get a good near view from the side of the stage, and recorded a short video of the last song that they performed.
Anyone here know what the song is? ",)


We are now able to take a fun stroll inside, because it's now less crowded. Looking at the various shops one by one.

Hats by Chikara Hats. Hmm, I see this hat store in almost all conventions that go to.


Haruhi cosplay by Jana. Gothic version. Met her and her friend while I was looking at the hats. Her friend is wearing black Miku costume, but I was not able to take pic.


A cute Madoka cosplay by Christine. Met her and someone who seems to be her mom near the exit of the Megatrade Hall. This cosplay is a good one in my opinion.


Video game area. Here, Karen joked that maybe we should play games for awhile? Hmm, tempting, but no time for that now. ",)

Went outside. It's now almost 5 pm in the afternoon.

What, 5 pm already? Why does time seem to go a lot faster when you're having fun? ;_;

Saw another friend. Or rather, she's the one who recognized me. I'm often bad at recognizing people if they wear costume, sorry. ><
My friend Sabrina cosplaying as Aira Kirisawa from Flame of Recca, and her cousin Geline cosplaying as Kagome from Inuyasha. We met them near the entrance of the Megatrade Hall.

A strict mall guard told us not to block the display of a shop, so we moved to the side.

. . .

Now received a text from Aoki-chan, another one of my cosplayer friends (who is also a wig and costume seller). She's texting me that she's near the benches.
On the way to the benches we met Kat. She's not cosplaying as any character. Just a wig, but still cute.


We arrived at where the benches are and scanned the area. Unfortunately, we could not find Aoki-chan there.
At this part of the day, my cellphone is already making repeated warnings of "Battery Low". Then I received a text from Anjeline that she's near a store named "Wedding". To make searching for the store easier, I looked on one side of the mall hallway while Karen looked at the other side as we walked. Soon realized that my phone is dead - oh no..

The place is becoming crowded again, unable to send or receive texts, and our only clue is a store named Wedding. We checked each store that sells wedding rings, but Anjeline is nowehere. Just when I was about to give up, we found Anjeline at the far end of the hallway - and she's really in front of a store that has the word "Wedding". My batteries ran out when we met.. fortunately, there's a photography shop nearby that sells batteries, I bought 4 new ones.

Anjeline looking pretty as usual. And it's her birthday on the next day (August 19), not kidding. I greeted her an advance happy birthday.

She's cosplaying as Yui Hirasawa from K-On. The anime is on her currently watching list.

. . .

Glad to see Anjeline, but I'm now faced with the problem of not being able to contact anyone anymore. Karen offered that she could let me borrow the battery of her phone so that I could still receive texts. However, the battery of her cellphone is a different size. thanks anyway, Karen-chan.

A few steps away from Anjeline we saw Noeru cosplaying as Nanami of Uta no Prince, and with her is my friend Jenny (crossplaying as a guy). Jenny is a costume seller, and she has a store on FB. Hmm, meeting so many people that I know. I guess the rains and flood aren't enough to make my friends stay home.


Next we met a Chuunibyou cosplay group. Their group's name is "Nekohaato" Anjeanette as Rikka, Haruhi as Deko, and Paola as Nibutani.

Mai cosplaying as Serah Farron.

. .

Karen's souvenir pics.

. .

I now realized that we have to go home in an hour or two. It would be a disaster if we got stranded in floodwaters on the way home. ><

Decided to head one more time towards the benches. Hoping to find Aoki-chan..

On the way to the bench area we did find someone, but not Aoki-chan. It's another one of my friends, Allysa cosplaying as Taiga from Toradora. She's my only cosplayer friend who really likes tsundere characters. She also cosplayed as Taiga on a previous convention, and have a pic there where she's stepping on a guy. !

. . . .

We searched the bench area again, but Aoki-chan is not there. Ok, I tried twice. Would just apologize to her, and others that I'm not able to find later.

Maid cosplayers

Asked Karen if she's already hungry. Well, time for some snack.

Went inside megatrade hall for the final time.

Nicole Ubando cosplaying as Erza Scarlet. I'm surprised on the way that she moves.
She's with her mom, and her mom told me that Nicole has been doing cosplaying activities for sometime already. It's no surprise that she's good at posing for pics.

. .

Ozine Maid Cafe

And one of the final activities for the day is visiting the cafe.
If you are going for the first time to a convention here in the Philippines. I recommend visiting the cafe at least once, you might just like it.

They do all sorts of maid stuff here. You can even engage in a bit of casual anime conversaton with the maids while waiting for your order.
Ok, please let me introduce someone. Leny is one of the regular maids who work here at the cafe. She's the first maid that I met here, and still the #1 for me - it was a fun first time experience years ago. Well, the others are nice too of course.

. . .

She's an active person in anime conventions here in my country.

And she has a pet hamster named Tofu.

Ordered some delicious Chicken Curry and Iced Tea. It's a relaxing evening. Eating while checking how many pics I already got in my cam - ok, got enough pics for storytelling on Animesuki. XD

Other maids that I've talked to are Erika and Verns (black hair). You might notice that Verns is wearing a regular maid uniform, while Erika and Leny are wearing a school swimsuit themed uniform. Well, it's because Verns is a new maid in the cafe. New maid seems like a nice person, and even offered to draw something on a tarpaulin. I almost agreed to buy the tarpaulin, until I realized it's not Leny's - at that point I politely refused.

Got filled with food, strength restored. Decided to make one last stroll and look at the shops.

Want to take home souvenirs?

. . . .

Make a wish to the 7 Dragon Balls

Met Sabrina again. This time she's crossplaying as Recca Hanabishi from Flame of Recca. What you see here is just an act. Kagome cosplayer is her cousin.


We went back Vogue Royal, the shop that sells wigs. Karen said she wanted to do something like this before went home. Unfortunately, the store did not have a Mayuyu wig. Well, that's fine there are other wigs to try. Yellow wig looked fine, but it's not the wig we are looking for. Decided to just save cash and look for the Mayuyu wig on the next con that we will attend.

. . . .

And before going home, here's a look at the gundam displays. Every convention I've attended always have some of them.


Goodbye Otaku Expo 2013, and hoping there will be an Otaku Expo 2014!
Thankfully, we got home without much problems. Floodwaters have not risen too high on the roads that we used in going home.

Pic taken after getting home:

Got one souvenir from the con.. what should I call this.. a dogstick? o_o
Hmm, these can be useful as bookmarks. Got them from Hodge Podge Bottlecap Accessories. ^^

Ok, that's all and thanks for reading. Next convention report will be about Best of Anime 2013 on September. ",)

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