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Originally Posted by wao
Say kj1980, you said that genga-men make really low wages, so what about those doing colouring (shiage), composite (satsuei), background art (haikyo) .... or even lower (I presume lower) still......... in-between aimation (douga)?
Yes, since they are still at the lower end of the spectrum.

I guess this is a related question: Singers and VAs get it that bad as well? (in terms of salary).

For popularity at least, I've heard of how TM revolution was once in the top 10 charts, and then fell off top 10 because of their relation to anime (Singing OP/ED and inserts for Gundam Seed/Destiny).
Seiyuus are paid around 2,000-3,000 yen per episode. That means, even if you have one line or hundred of lines, you are still paid the same amount. Almost every seiyuu that is tied to a talent agency is paid around that price. Once you are famous enough to make out on your own (like oneechan), you are your own boss so you can haggle your own price. A good example of how poor seiyuus are can be best exemplified from YuriC's (Ochiai Yurika) personal blog - that she didn't have enough money to pay the electric bill so her electricity was cut off, she almost had her mobile phone disconnected because she couldn't pay that bill, etc. etc.

So in order to make a living as a seiyuu - they attend as many auditions as they can so that they can be selected to appear in almost every episode for at least two or three titles per season (ala Tamura Yukari).

Singers are different. Their income mainly comes from revenues from CD sales. The difference between seiyuus that sings and real singers is exactly just that - seiyuus rarely ever see a single yen from royalties from their CDs, whereas real singers reap in huge royalties.

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