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Best of Anime 2013

Held at SMX Convention Center (Function rooms 3 and 4). This is a large anime convention. And has many special guests. We attended the last day which is September 15. Went with the usual preparation of having my bag almost completely empty except for a small notebook used for taking cosplayer's names (and of course money to buy ticket and souvenirs )

Without any futher delays here are the pics:

Kinomoto Sakura cosplay by Renka-chan. We met her at the hallway of the second floor.

Time to buy some tickets.

Entrance to the function room.

Went inside the function room.

And we see someone familiar inside.. the Mogu Mogu mascot! There were two of them last time at Oh No Manga convention. Maybe the other one got eaten? Just kidding. Mogu Mogu tastes good. ",)

Rikka Takanashi cosplay by Rebecca. We found her at the far end of the function room, along with some other cosplayers.

. .

Kyoko (from Madoka Magica)

. .

Aeris (from FF7)

Exploring the area, and looking at the shops. Panda eyemasks, pokemon earrings, and many more.

. . .

Calypso Posh booth, they sell some cute stuff here. Name of the booth girl is Nissi, and she's cosplaying as Sonia nevermind from Dangan Ronpa 2.


We found a booth that sells pink hoods similar to what Sonata (fom AKB0048) wears. Karen tried one out. ^^

In every con, there's always a Gundam area.

Saw two Inu x Boku cosplayers while continuing to explore the shops. Yanna cosplaying as Ririchiyo Shirakiin and Alyss as Karuto Roromiya.

After taking a few steps from the Inu x Boku cosplayers, we saw a booth selling japanese rice. The boothgirls are Nikki and Arianne. They are super nice to talk to, and they also gave us free onigiri.

Sashanishiki japanese rice

. . .

Fujifilm mascot, can't resist not to take a pic with the square yellow cam.


Pic with one more mascot.

Starmarie (スターマリー・すたーまりー)

Didn't realize exactly how it happened, but maybe due to some sounds coming from the stage. I realized that the jpop idol group Starmarie is starting their performance. Ran off to the stage.. but even though I ran, there are others there before me, and I could only stand at the back. No seat left.

Sharing the videos that I took. I apologize for the shakiness. Could not focus well, because I was mostly on tiptoe while taking the vids.

Anyway, they're amazing. It's my first time to be able to watch live, a real jpop idol group.

Checked my cellphone for text messages after watching the performance. Two of my friends are outside in the hallway. In front of Function Room 4.

Back to hallway of 2nd floor.

There are as many cosplayers outside as there are inside.


Shirou-chan cosplaying as Alice, dollhearts version. Probably one of the best Alice cosplays I've seen.


Reached the front of function room 4.

Both of my friends are crossplaying as male characters. Tiana as Kuroko from Kuroko no Basuke. And Aimee as Sasuke. I didn't know why they decided to crossplay, but it turned out nice.

. . .

The silent man. He's a "recurring" characater, in the sense that I often see someone like him at cons. Not sure if same one because he's always masked and never talks. This time he gave his cam, and asked me by hand signals to take a pic of him.

Marie cosplaying as Karin from Kamichama Karin


Went back inside the function room.

Want some souvenirs?

Sarah crossplaying as Death the Kid from Soul Eater. And her friend Jewel is doing a costrip.

Drawing area

Ann as Chihiro Fujisaki from Dangan Ronpa. She's another one of the booth girls at Calypso Posh.

Mogu Mogu area. We tasted some samples, and they're good.

. .

People assembling model kits at the gundam area.

Walked a bit more mong the booths, and saw another person that I know.

My friend Anjeline cosplaying as Irene from Dragon Nest. Actually, she's cosplaying for the Dragon Nest booth. She got the job just recently.

. . .

And as an added bonus. Here's a pic of Anjeline taken a week before the con, with her stuff toy Bear-kun.
Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

Yomi as Hungary from Hetalia. The pics may look similar, but on one she's holding a ladle, and on the other she's holding frying pan.


Cute tissue holders from Curls and Twirls. :3

Met one more friend. Eilene working as one of the booth girls at Vogue Royal Cosplay. This cosplay shop has plenty of costumes and accessories for your cosplay needs.

Mary Anne cosplaying as Saber, she also works at Vogue Royal Cosplay.

Aj cosplaying a verion of Miku

Reimu Hakurei doll on display at the figurines area.

It's now late afternoon. And I'm beginning to feel a little tired - and thirsty. I asked my companions if they would like to rest for snack. Karen (AKB cosplayer) and Michelle (maid cosplayer) said they're still ok. Ok then, let's keep going.

Received a text message. Yuki is outside.

Went out to the hallway of second floor.

Yuki, she works at Otakuzine Anime Magazine. She's not cosplaying any particular character today. Just doing a costrip. ",)


Rose cosplaying as Sorceress from League of Legends


Camille and her "husband" Ghost Rider.


Karen likes to take a pic with this robot guy. Like the silent man cosplayer we met earlier, this robot doesn't talk a single word. o-o

Thirsty, so we went back inside the function room to get some snacks and refreshments

Inside the function room.

Surprised to see that Fuji camera has turned blue!

Passed by the game area.

Jenna Marie. She's a sister of Sakura-chan, a cosplayer that I know. Sakura-chan isn't around though. Took pic of the little sis, with permission from the mom of course.

Ah, reached the refreshments area at last. Lined up for some cold drinks and burger steak. It's a small world, I met another friend while lining up for the food. @_@

My friend Sabrina cosplaying as Machi from Hunter x Hunter.

Recharged after taking a cool drink!
It's almost evening at this point. Well, time to explore a little more while we still have time.

Ian cosplaying as Sakiko Awaji from Ib. She told me that Ib is a game.

K-On cosplayers (Kimono version).

I wonder how many people drank these to get pics of Alodia and Ashley?

Milhi from Dog Days. Cosplay by Rayven

Orochimaru cosplay by Ayah. That smile. o-o

Met another one of my friends. Miku cosplay by Nikki Sabado.



Saint Benilde Booth. They give pamphlets for promoting their school, and they also invite people to test the games that their students created.

. .

A band playing on stage. The action never stops on BoA 2013.

It's already evening, I guess it's time we got some Otakuzine comics as souvenirs.

Pockey area. So many varieties of pockey can be bought here. There are some kinds that I haven't seen before.


Anime themed clocks. I plan to buy one if I see this store again on another con.

And some more cosplayers.

. . .

Cosplay Competition

Sorry, due to tiredness. I was unable to take good pics of the competition. There's a good Daimos cosplayer, and a short funny moment when they put the wrong background music on the person cosplaying as Light Yagami - the background music when he entered the stage is Hello Kitty. *-*

Myrtel Sarossa - she's one of the judges on the cosplay competition.

Oh no, it's past 7 pm already. Don't want to go home yet. -______-
Unfortunately, we can't even finish watching the cosplay competition because we have to go home..

Taking some last pics before going home.

Taiga cosplay by Yari. Convention isn't complete without seeing someone cosplaying as the palmtop tiger.

One last visit to the dolls and figurines area. Reimu is now wearing pajama, because it's already nighttime.


Karen and Michelle taking one last pic with Doraemon.

Long snake

Some more last pics. The hallways are brightly lighted in the evening.

. .

Sam Fujin cosplaying as Inori from Guilty Crown

Her teddy looks sad. ;_;

First floor of SMX Convention Center

Last souvenir pics.


Well, it was fun. Goodbye BoA 2013, and hoping to attend BoA 2014. ",)

Pic taken after getting home.

These are some simple souvenirs that I got at the convention. An issue of Otakuzine. A box of chocolate Collon from Karen. And a panda item that I bought from one of the shops.

Ok, that's all. My next "report" would probably be about Cosmania 2013, happening next month. Just a few weeks away from now. Thank you for reading. ",)

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