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Originally Posted by Dark Faith View Post
The setting is different, but it's clearly a Kyoani show. Which is a good thing for fans of their previous works, and a bad thing for people who were expecting something different.
I equate it to a filter that every KyoAni show gets put through - like a special lens on the camera that tints everything in a certain way. Moe girls and cute, harmless boys, comedically sexy teacher types, falling leaves and cherry blossoms. It's certainly evident in a show like Free!, which despite the radical (for KyoAni) departure of five male leads, ends up looking and sounding exactly like the prototypical Kyoto Animation series with an extra piece of anatomy.

To what extent a Kyoto Animation show succeeds (artistically - commercial success is a near-certainty) probably depends on how well the material is suited to this treatment. I think Hyouka succeeds best among recent series because there's a very strong distinctiveness to the writing that shines through, and that the visuals are spectacular even by KyoAni standards doesn't hurt. We'll see about Kyoukai.
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