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Octo Con 2

Hi. Just finished attending Octo Con 2. It was held at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 3, last Oct 20. The special feature of this event is guest taiwanese cosplayer Neneko. One of my friends was lucky to have a pic with her.

Ok, without any further delay. Here are the pics.

4th Floor

First pic for the day is Rin Chii. Sorry, I wasn't able to ask the name of the character that she's cosplaying. She seems to be in a rush to go somewhere. Cute neko ears.


5th Floor

Went up the escalator, and unexpectedly saw a friend. Djonielyn cosplaying as Acchan from AKB0048. She's the friend who got very lucky today. I'll tell more at other parts of this report.

. .

Moving on to another area in the hallway. Met another friend. Tiana cosplaying as Black Rock Shooter (Dragonslayer version). Huge sword and claws.

Ok, now bought a ticket and proceeded to enter Megatrade Hall 3.

Megatrade Hall 3

On entering, saw another friend. Hmm, I guess it's a small world. Seeing plenty of people that I know today. Netski working at the Geolica booth.

. .

There seems to be a drawing contest going on..

Anna Williams cosplayer. Wasn't able to ask her name. She seems to be busy preparing for something, and I don't want to disturb.

Moving on inside I met two versions of Miku. Miku is sort of a recurring character in conventions - always see people cosplaying her. Yamako cosplaying as the Love is War version (green hair), and Rui cosplaying as Satsune Miku (black hair).

Exploring a little more, I saw the Vogue Royal Cosplay merchandise area. This is a very nice place to buy costumes and wigs.

Ziella, one of the booth girls at Vogue Royal.

Next, went back near the entrance and saw Olive. She's cosplaying as Eve from Parasite Eve. Those are large mutated hands. O_O

Olive is with her friend Joe (in maid costume). Joe gave me a coscard, so that it would be easier to locate them on FB.

. .

Went to the area of the Megatrade Hall where they are selling snacks. And there I saw Mika, she's a cosplayer we've seen before at a previous con (Oh No Manga Cosplay Camp). But I wasn't able to ask her name there. This time I was able to ask. Cute Kinomoto Sakura cosplay with long tail.

. . .

Saber cosplay by Meredy. Cosplaying is better started at a young age.
I was surprised that she can pose so well. She is Mika's companion.


Just a few steps away from little Saber. I saw Blezs, she's cosplaying as Nurse Akali from League of Legends.


Take a little break from taking photos of cosplayers. I went to the area where people sells drawings, keychains. Hmm, some nice souvenirs can be found here.

. . .

Went to the stage because the cosplay catwalk is starting. Sorry for blurred, my camera is not good at taking pics of people who are moving. Pics here are Kirakishou (she has scary background music while walking o_o ), War Machine, Meredy now wearing her armour, and my friend Djonielyn (dance and lip sync to Aitakatta).

. . .

Cosplay catwalk has finished. Now resumed walking around looking for more cosplayers to take pic of. Saw Yanna near the drawing area. She's cosplaying as Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa.

Went back the area where they sell snacks. Found Naomi, another person that I've met at a previous convention. Cosplaying as Hungary from Hetalia Axis Powers. Hmm, strange.. she doesn't have her frying pan this time.

Taking a little rest.

My companions Michelle and Jen. They're wearing maid costumes.


A look at the schedule, and at the cute Neneko-sama. :3


15 Raindrop

Good thing we were near the stage. I heard a performance going on, and saw the 15 Raindrop dance group. They're wearing maid outfits for this performance. The members are: Ross, Diana, Aya, Jean, and Cheenee.

Decided to go out into the hallway after the raindrop performance.

Outside Megatrade Hall 3, hallway.

Eun Eun cosplaying as Yoshino from Date A Live. Seeing nice Date a Live cosplays like this, is one of the reasons why I started watching the anime.


Jesse with another version of Miku. Hmm, blue hair with panda bag. First time to see this version.


Nami cosplay by Nhel

Zatsune Miku cosplay by Chara. So many Miku today.

Female Mario cosplay by Danica. There are times when she jumps, and then her friend tries to take a photo while she's in the mid-air. XD


Momo and Yui cosplaying as character from High School of the Dead

Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown, cosplay by Jen-chan

Hmm, it's now about past 3 pm in the afternoon. I went back to the "square". It's a fenced area that the guards have setup on one part of the hallway. No one allowed to take photos outside this "square". Honestly, I think this is a bit harsh treatment. We are forced to take photos in a small area.

Saw Tiana again. She gave me candy, but i couldn't eat it because I was so thirsty at that time. Placed candy inside bag. ",)


If there are Mario girls, then there are also Luigi girls that can be found in this con.

Luigi cosplay by Kuromuhime


Utau Hoshina cosplay by Chiren Fuu


Decided to go to the other end of the hallway.

Mario and Luigi together. Cosplay by Rizeru (Mario) and Kureiru (Luigi).

. .

Silent Hill cosplayers. Scary...

The nurses.. (the part of my notes where the silent hill cosplayers wrote is a bit jumbled like a mystery, but they seem to be a part of the cosplay group Aaalyssie)

Cello from Hack // Link. Cosplay by Ame Katsuragi.


Walked back to the "square area" (place where guards have setup a fenced area for cosplayers and photographers). And unexpectedly found another friend.

Hanji Zoe cosplay by Sonoda Koharu. It's well done, in my opinion. She even has a book. ^^

. . . .

Walked along the rails, and found an AKB0048 cosplayer.

Kojiharu cosplay by Jaszy and her friend Rio.


A friendly hug. Karuta Roromiya and Shirakiin Ririchiyo cosplay by Lyssa (Karuta) and Aki Mori (Ririchiyo).

It's now late in the afternoon. And found another friend. Cristel (lolita costume) and Mary Grace (Elwyn from Shining Tear). And the Gilgamesh cosplayer is Renz.


Cristel can draw, and she can make ribbons from the same fabric that she used to make her costume.

And now, these are among the more unique cosplays I've seen on this con. Ehm cosplaying as Orion from Amnesia, and Neji cosplaying as Mezumaru from Rise of the Youkai Clan.

Going back inside Megatrade Hall 3

It's now late afternoon. Getting a bit tired at this point.

Maid cosplay by Tina. Asked her if she's a part of 15 Raindrop group. Told me that she's not a member. Well, she's still cute anyway.

And exploring a bit further inside, I found 15 Raindrop. Ross seems to be the leader of this maid dance group.


Taking a look at some souvenirs being sold by the many shops inside.

. .

And one more maid, her name is Remielyn. Oh, now I noticed. It's not only Miku that's plentiful in this con. There are also plenty of maid cosplayers. ^^

Myuria cosplay by Angel. Seems to be another game character.


Gelli cosplaying as Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail. She sang Love Survive at the Voca Battle Competition. I tried taking videos of Voca Battle. Though unfortunately, my camera is running out of batteries, and I was not able to get a single video. Gomen. ><

Went over to the drawing area, and there I saw Michiro Cojutra. She's good at drawing. She can draw for you, at a small fee of course. She's a cheerful person to talk to, and she showed me her drawings that she would like to be added here.

. . . .

There's also a pair of Axis Powers Hetalia cosplayers at the drawing area. Crisea as Nyotalia Austria and Rin as Nyotalia Romano. I asked them if they are booth girls, but they told me that they're there because they are helping a friend.


Jocy and Joey. They sang Snow Halation (from Love Live School Idol Project) at Voca Battle. They did well. It's just too bad that my cam is already too low on battery power to record.

Rider cosplay by Misaki and Mimi cosplaying a character from High School of the Dead. Those are some mean looking swords. O_O


Perona cosplay by Maan, and with her is her sister.


And all together now.


Went outside of Megatrade Hall 3

Saw another friend outside.

Camille cosplaying as a neko maid. This is her 2nd costume. She was wearing a blue costume when I saw her earlier in the day.

Natsumi cosplaying as Kakashi

Hmm, feeling so thirsty. Time to go to the Oh No Manga Cafe. ^^

Went back inside Megatrade hall 3

Found one more chibi cosplayer. Took photo with permission from her mom. Lindsay cosplaying as Draculara from Monster High


Plenty of powder and make-up, but it's an interesting cosplay. Cosplay by Lyka and Carlisle.

Maid cosplay by Ann

Gakuen Alice student cosplay by Renka-chan, and Tomoyo Daidouji cosplay by Gwen. Renka-chan is someone that I've known from a previous con. Told me that she got tired of cosplaying as Kinomoto Sakura, so she's doing something different now. ^^

Some Panda products

Djonelyn, meet and greet with Neneko

And now, I'll show which one of my friends got so lucky today. It's none other than Djonielyn-chan. She was able to do a meet and greet with Neneko. Even able to hug Neneko, as well as get an autographed Oh No Magazine. So lucky. ><!!!!!!!


Some Neneko and Oh No! Manga products for sale. :3

. .

Oh No! Manga Cafe

Visiting another friend - Pau, the girl in the middle with long yellow wig and cat ears. We ordered some refreshing drinks here, and my friends got some souvenir pics with the butlers.

. . . .

Met Renka-chan and Gwen again. Renka has a large Kuma bag. o_o


Lavi Book Man cosplay by Nyl


I was taking one last look at the stores, when suddenly a girl in gothic dress with a drink is suddenly standing beside me. It's none other than Yuki-chan! Wow, so many of my friends are on this con. She got a bit angry at me for not recognizing her sooner. Gomen Yuki-chan, Liddo-kun is already quite tired. ><

Yuki-chan works for Otakuzine (it's an anime magazine).


And one more maid. Maid cosplay by Meejun Izumi.

Ib cosplay by Tryxy.

One more Miku before going home. Miku cosplay by Yunachi. She told me that her Miku got builled, so there's a patch. Poor Miku!

And a look at the stage. It's a "bring me" contest. In this pic, the staff asked the audience to bring the largest weapon. XD

There are people who are still drawing

And one last visit to the Vogue Royal area.

Mario girl Eilene - customer service representative.

Sad that it's now time to go home..

Went outside Megatrade Hall 3

Not over yet. Outside I met 3 Lucky Star cosplayers.

Anne, Camille, and Gennica. Cosplaying as Konata (Anne). Tsukasa (Camille) and Miyuki (Gennica).


And I saw Cristel and Mary Grace in the same area where I saw the LS cosers. At first I saw only Mary Grace, told me that she was left all alone. o_o! then her sister came. Took a goodbye pic. Have a safe trip home.

Not over yet, saw 3 more cosplayers nearby. Serenity, Chatty and Jonell. They're all doing a costrip.

And with my two friends Michelle and Jhen. One last pic before changing clothes and going home. This has been a fun convention.

Goodbye Octo Con 2, and hoping to attend Octo Con 3 next year. ",)

Pic taken after getting home:

Honestly, I don't have much to show. Have already given away to friends most of the stuffs that I bought.

What I have left..

Anime Magazine featuring Milky Holmes, panda earrings (will be a gift to someone later), and my poor ticket.

Well, that's all. Thank you for reading. Next report will be about Otaku Expo Reloaded, happening this coming November.

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