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Group: WTFansubs

Priority: Translators, Karaoke Translator, Raw Providers
Secondary: QC , Editors, Karaoke Timers, Encoders, TS, Timers

What we have: Timer, Typesetter, Encoder. We can do QC and editing, if needed, but dedicated staff for these positions would be greatly appreciated.

Projects: You are invited to inquire in the channel, since we're throwing ideas around at the moment. We are aiming to get people together for the Spring Anime season. Projects to be determined by consensus. Primarily unloved series on the anime wiki page will be looked at in interest. Possible candidates include (but not strictly limited to): BALDR FORCE EXE RESOLUTION, TOKKO, Witch Blade, Stawberry Panic!, The Third ~Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo~, Kiba. We will most likely not be subbing all of them, but the more applicants we get, the more we can pick up and sub. The selections ARE NOT FINAL. Most of these projects start in April.

IRC channel: (main), (recruiting channel) (leave a message in the recruiting channel and idle, it may take some time for us to get back to you since we live somewhat busy lives, but we are dedicated to anime)
PM: wraith-c/wraith-c- or Wade
E-mail: or

The spring anime season is coming up with a large selection of new anime premiering for subbing. Some will be oversubbed. Others will not. This group was made to primarily give love to a few of the unloved series that has some sort of potential (though selection may not be strictly limited to unloved series).
We are aiming to release timely, high-quality episodes with minimal mistakes in all subbing departments. If you feel that you're qualified to do a good job, please apply. A test will be given to you to assure the group has qualified staff.
At the moment, we are aiming to only sub unlicensed series.

General requirements: We require mature and highly motivated people who are dedicated to make good, quality and timely releases. Group members must also make an effort to perform their task well so others are not severly sidetracked from their own jobs. Group members must be able to with with others as a team, be willing to give and take constructive criticism, and be willing to collaborate with each other on projects. We will work at our own pace, but we will not tolerate any jobs that are severely late without good reason (eg. a 2+ month delay on the first episode release to a series, requiring us to hunt you down). IRC presence and activity is a must. Experience highly preferred, since you will be given a test to prove your qualifications.

Specific position requirements (a "duh" to the vetrans, but this is for those non-vets and to set baselines down):
-Raw provider: self-explanatory, imo. Experience and familiarity with Winny would help a lot.
-Translator: you must be availible to field questions from the rest of the staff in the translation, dialogue, signs, or karaoke, which there will no doubt be a lot of. You will also have to TL OP/ED songs (a given requirement?) (a bonus). Ability to translate signs (as needed) would also be a bonus. TLs will have a strong influence in project selection.
-Editor: an EXCELLENT to SUPURB understanding of grammar and minimal grammar mistakes in editing is REQUIRED, eg. English fluency with proper diction and written grammar. You must also be willing to talk to the TL to clarify vague areas in the script. TL preservation and dialogue manipulation to fit the characters and context is a plus, but not required
-Timers: You will most likely be asked to time karaoke and to shift OP/ED karaoke on top of dialogue timing duties. Crediting will be done appropriately. Dialogue, fine timing/scene timing required. Ability to time "dramatic dialogue" is a plus, but will not be required for now.
-Typesetters: You must also typeset essential signs that flows well with respect to the raw on top of dialogue typesetting. You may have to do frame-by-frame typesetting depending on the situation. And you will need to be familiar with acceleration and use it. A good sense of style and dialogue sub manipulation is a plus. AFX is not required nor emphasized and should be used judiciously if used
-Karaokers: A good sense of style and clear, aesthetic karaoke effects required. AFX not required and should be used judiciously if used
-Encoder: Blocking, "doubly exposed" frames, frame bleeds (especially at scenechanges and keyframes), and artifacting should be minimal for both final encodes and for the raw used for TSing and QCing.
-QC: a good sense of grammar and written English is REQUIRED. Catching sub bleeds and timing errors to dialogue is highly preferred but not required, since it can be trained relatively easily. Experienced and active QCers are a huge plus.

These requirements are a lot to ask for just a hobby, but we want to aim to create a fansub group that we are proud of and a group that we would want to work in because of what we do and how our releases turn out as. The requirements are an ideal that we'd like to shoot for, but we will evaluate you on an individual basis.
People new to the fansubbing scene are welcome, but you must demonstrate the ability to meet the above requirements. As always, experience is always a plus, but those who many be slightly interested are encouraged to inquire and apply.

However, as a fansub group and as a hobby, we also understand that you have a real life to attend to that must, at times, take precedence over fansubbing duties.

This ad will be updated as needed.

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