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ahhh sorry for the long lack of updates <i been running around like a chicken with my head cut off> the TL itself is done, but my original estimate of 3-5 days to edit is going to take MUCH longer, i cant really say how long its going to take, as it depends on the editers time to work on it, however, i haven't been just mopeing around waiting, im currently trying to find someone with the neccessary skills to uncensor the CG's for shuffle, if i can find someone to do it, its a simple matter to reinsert the CG back into the game. if you can help with this, or know someone who might be able to, please contact me via pm on the board here, or in the irc channel, #gamepatch on also, i am looking for full time staff for the upcomeing tick tack/oretsuba projects (of which, ive already started with tick tack)

*edit* to answer some previous questions, yes the original japanese version of the game is needed, this is a text and graphic only patch. you MUST configure your comp to play japanese region games, with the current skill lvl of the people involved, re-writeing the core engine of the game into a unicode format is almost impossible, and would quite likely take years.

there is no " true" ending to shuffle, there instead are character specific endings, includeing epilogues

the version of the game i am working from, is the 3 cd limited edition, as far as i8 know, from the testing, the patch will work with the dvd and other version, but they MUST be patched with the update from navel BEFORE the TL patch is applied, also, when you install the update from navel, all your previous save data will no longer work

someone was asking about a line count for shuffle, not counting title lines, there is 17,942 lines of text

thats about it for now, ill try my best to keep you all updated on the progress, but, with the hours ive been putting in lately, god only knows when the next one will be..

one last thing, the patch release will initially be via HTTP, then go to BT after a few months, i finnaly got my new server to the colo and set up!

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