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Otaku Expo Reloaded

This convention is sort of a repeat of the Otaku Expo anime convention that was held last August 18 at SM Megamall. This time however, it seems some people wanted a bigger venue. So the convention is now being done at SMX Convention Center. Otaku Expo Reloaded is scheduled at Nov 16-17. Function Room 2 of SMX. We attended the second day.

Without any further delay, here are the pics:

Went inside Function Room 2

Upon arriving, I had the feeling that we must get inside Function Room 2 right away. We bought some tickets and headed inside. And just in time to see taiwanese cosplayers Misa (Shana) and Yazi (Asuna) on stage. They are so pretty. Sorry for the pic quality. >< These are the best that I could do at that moment. Taking of pics is rushed because they are about to leave.


Ok, now that the rush to see the taiwanese cosplayers has ended. We proceeded at a more relaxed pace on walking. ",)

Saw someone that I know. It's Eilene, sales representative at Vogue Royal Cosplay Shop. This shop is one of the better places to go to if you're looking for cute costumes.

. .

It's a little crowded inside. So we decide to go outside for awhile.

Hallway area

Inu x Boku cosplayers near the door. Anne as Karuta Roromiya and Yssa as Shirakiin Ririchiyo.

Kinomoto Sakura cosplay, she's cute. Unable to ask her name though, it's crowded in the part of the hallway where I found her.

And walking a little further. I saw two of my friends. First is Tiana, cosplaying as Mistress Jeanne from Shaman King and Aimee cosplaying as female Kirito. Haven't seen them for awhile, so I'm glad meet them here. Tiana just came back from the province, and she gave me a souvenir from that place. ",)



And here's some more cosplayers from the sama area.

Rikka Takanashi cosplay by Charlotte


Riko Mine cosplay by Cess

Now, for this cosplayer my notes are a bit jumbled. Not sure if her nickname is Ryutan or she's doing a cosplay of a character named Ryutan. Anyway, I'd send her an email to clarify things. Might edit this part later.

. .

Shingeki no Kyojin cosplayers. Avegail as Sasha Blouse and Krishea as Mikasa Ackerman. Sasha does not have a potato anymore because she has already finished eating it? (just kidding).

Grand Archer Rena cosplay by Jek

Went back inside Function Room 2

It's now approximately past 2 pm in the afternoon. Still a bit crowded, but let's go in anyway. **

Asuna cosplay by Valerie.


Gothic Haruhi cosplay by Nehlee. And that's a nice smile.


Girls und Panzer items on display.

Karaoke Contest

Performance by Nikki. This video is posted here with her permission.

I have another video of a girl singing Fuwa Fuwa time quite nicely. But I was not able to talk to her, and I think it's not right to post a video without permission from the performer. Sorry. ><

After watching the singers on stage, I proceeded to the sides of Function Room 2. Looking for more cosplayers to add to this writeup.

Saw TK. Kaoru near the wall. Cosplaying as Misaki Mei from Another. That's a creepy stare into the distance. O_O


From the wall, I slowly moved to the shops of Function Room 2. Slowly and carefully, because it's so crowded.

Found Kazukiji cosplaying as Kouha Ren from Magi. At first I thought this character is a girl. Turns out that he's a boy with androgynous characteristics.

Slowly moved out from the crowded area and to the stall that gives free yogurt. One of my companions (Karen) got some free stuffs just by signing up. XD

Shyla cosplaying as Rikka (school unfirom version) from Chuunibyou. She just finished getting some yougurt from the stall.

And also near the yogurt stall, I saw one of the more unique cosplays of the day.

Therese cosplaying as Alissa Tekken. So cute! ^-^


Received text messages from some friends that they are on their way. Decided that being out on the hallway would be better. So I could see them right away. It's now a little past 3 pm in the afternoon.

Maid cosplay by ZOE

Alice in Wonderland cosplay by Shaila and Archer cosplay by Mecero. They are brother and sister. I guess, cosplaying is something that runs in the family


And once again met Valerie, the Asuna cosplayer that I saw inside FR2. She's also an AKB48 fan. With her is her friend Rheny.

Near the end of the hallway, there are several Date a Live cosplayers. And one of them is my friend Eun-Eun. She's cosplaying as Yoshino.

Sad because she lost Yoshinon! ><

. . .

She calmed down and started smiling after we told her that we'd help look for it.


Group photo. The giant zoids cosplay is working to gather donations for victims of typhoon Yolanda. We gave him some coins. ",)

It's starting to get crowded in the hallway, so we decided to head back to FR2. Met some more cosplayers on the way.

Saw another Inu x Boku cosplay. Haru as Karuta, and Yukari as Ririchiyo.

Shayla again, the Rikka cosplayer that I've met near the Yogurt booth. ^^

And saw another friend. Wendy with her maid cosplay. She told me before the convention that she would style her wig this way, made it easier to identify her.

Maid cosplay by Cathy.


Homura Akemi cosplay

Last shot outside is Rio cosplaying gothic Haruhi and Kathyrn with a lolita style costrip.

Back inside Function Room 2

It is now almost 4:30 in the afternoon.

Decided to visit the Ozine Maid Cafe. We can't leave the line, so I just asked cosplayers who passed by if I could take their pic. *

Paula cosplaying as Mirai Suenaga

Took a pic of Karen. Cosplaying as Mayuyu from AKB0048. She's also one of my friends.

Nicole with her Mirai Kuriyama cosplay.

. .

Ozine Maid Cafe

Leny and Erika (red wig), cosplaying as... maids of course.

Ok, kidding aside. A big congratulations to Leny for being interviewed by people from Net 25. She's scheduled to appear on TV sometime this week. As what can be expected from the #1 maid in this cafe. Nezumi-chan (Leny) has a strong appeal to many!!

Erika's pet neko

Maid cafe experience:

The time is now past 5 pm in the afternoon. And I saw another friend, just as we got out of the maid cafe.

Sonoda-Koharu-chan cosplaying as Hanji Zoe from Shingeki. This time she brought a skull instead of her "Titans" book.

. . . .

Hanji-san can sing too. Karen and Koharu-chan exchanged props. Karen has the skull and is taking pics with other cosplayers nearby. @

And one last pic with the skull. This is slightly different from the other shot that I already took. And I consider it one of my best for the day.

Said goodbye to Koharu-chan, and went outside to meet Cristel and Mary Grace. Received text that they've already arrived.

Perona cosplay by Cristel, and Alisa from God Eater Burst cosplay by Mary Grace. She made the gun all by herself.

. . . .

Cristel also showed me another one of her drawings. Hmm, looks like a character from an online game.

Kimono cosplay by Chinx

Yuno cosplay by Nicole.


It's now evening. Quite tired at this point of the day. Decided to go back inside FR2 for the last time.

Inside Function Room 2

Misa and Yazi area.


Saw Eun-chan again. Yoshino is still not tired. ^^
Told me that her companions are watching the cosplay performance on stage. And she's headed to the snack area to get a drink.

I tried going near the stage area to watch, but it's crowded and I can't get near enough. So I just went to the sides to take some last pics.

Glad that I went to the side because I saw another friend. Jem cosplaying as Sasha from Shingeki. She has plenty of food! Potato girl really likes eating. But seriously, it's fun to see people you haven't seen in a long time. Glad she still remembers me.

And one more Shingeki cosplayer before going out of FR2. Cy cosplaying as Armin. Nice double salute.

Met Angel as I'm going out of FR2. Told me that she came from the Kpop event also being held at SMX.

And last cosplayer pic inside FR2 is Maddie cosplaying as Asuna (school uniform version). First time that I saw this kind of Asuna cosplay. ",)

The friendly people at Psicom booth. They have plenty of magazines. I bought one as a souvenir of this event.

. .

And for the last activity inside. I bought some Misa pictures from Mika. She's the one in charge at the Misa and Yazi area.


And last pic inside SMX is a Hatsune Miku cosplay by Ela. With her is her friend Mai.

And one last pic of my friends before going back to the car.

Goodbye Otaku Expo Reloaded. Hoping to visit again next year. Overall, it has been a nice day.

Pics taken at home:

Keychain given to me by Tiana. Arigatou Tiny-chan.

Otakuzine featuring Date a Live

My Otaku Expo ticket, and the Misa pics sold by Mika.

Well, that's all. Thanks for reading. Next writeup will be about the 8th Christmas Toyfair happening on Dec. 13-15. ",)

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