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Hey guys, I'm back from making the world record of longest hiatus ever. You'll see it on the Guinness book soon. Anyway, I didn't come back without bringing anything substantial but I'll talk about that in a bit.

Originally Posted by jjblue1 View Post
On a sidenote... I've been trying to read the Rosatrice theory now that's it's written... either it's not being explained well or it's worse than I thought.
JTiKey was the one who wrote it, so you can blame him for how the theory is presented in the wiki. I find it sad that the major support of the theory, the hints, are rather shallow:

Rosa calls the servants "furniture".
That isn't really substantial. Calling servants a derogatory name is natural for those who have a high view of themselves especially when relating their own self- worth to those of their servants who they believe aren't worth much at all.

So mush rose symbolism.
And? Symbolism isn't a key piece of evidence when considering whether a person is a culprit of a murder. It's meant as an abstract that not only represents itself but something. The rose in the game is meant to refer to Beatrice and the game itself, not the culprit or anything directly related to the mystery at hand. It only has literary value.

These are the worst ones as far as my opinion goes. It seems like this plays on people's tendency to connect coincidences together to formulate a connection that isn't there.

Originally Posted by jjblue1 View Post
The problem with the Golden land is that's just an arbitrarily happy, convenient fantasy that's being forced on people by the one who created it.

Of course a happy fantasy can be shared and others can agree it's a happy fantasy. But in the Golden Land's case the fantasy is way too convenient for Yasu and it's not shared but forced on the others around her.
This is actually a perfect segue into what I wanted to talk about. I have two theories, one of which I think I've talked about before, and one that I believe was discussed about. I'm just simply mashing these two theories into one as they work well together.

The first theory is that the reunion was a planned mystery game by the adults to either entertain the kids and/or celebrate Battler's return to the family. It was hinted at in EP 2 when they were talking about celebrating Halloween and how the first murder was done with a Halloween theme. You can clearly see it in all games with the demonic symbols and gory murders. This puts into question the reactions and statements of the adults, servants, and possibly Jessica and George if you assume they knew about it. It could be that they were acting during certain times and some of their statements might not be truthful. If this be the case then it would explain certain reactions such as characters doing things that are not normal for their personality. This really isn't meant to address larger issues such as Shkannon/Yasu but rather a reaction to the idea that the family members have no reason to kill each other. That piece of blue can be supported by EP 8 where the family was happy during the party which shows that, unlike how the previous games showed, they were a very close family. So, without a substantial reason, the family wouldn't kill each other outright if not forced into doing so.

Now, to explain who or what could force them, that's simple. Our Confession pretty much gives that answer. However, it's hard to reason out why Beatrice/Yasu would want to murder the family if not by the idea that she is mentally unstable. This is pretty much a given if you assume that she suffered brain trauma during her fall as a baby or is suffering through the emotional trauma of her life. It is possible that she has a number of mental issues, possibly depression, repressed anger and sadness, MPD, and has a hard time differing reality from her own delusions. So, her motive for the matters are probably the result of a skewered vision of reality, morality, and the value of life.

So, jjblue, what you say about the Golden Land being a forced fantasy could be the result of Yasu having a delusional belief that the Golden Land actually exists. Or it may be her simply stating that she's doing everyone a favor by killing them, taking them to a better place in the afterlife. Sadly, the theory of her mental instability isn't really strict in interpretation and can have multiple reasons for why Beatrice would do something. By the way, this is generally the same as the Final Culprit Theory made by Kylon. The major difference is that her brain injury is a major but not initial cause of her mental state since she had suffered it as a child and wouldn't have an identity for us to speak about.

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