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Saw episode 19 as well.
Spoiler for Comments on ep 19:

Originally Posted by DaFool
Ginko is now officially my role model for life, also precisely because his lifestyle of always moving places since he was a child, meeting people, getting involved in their lives only to bid them farewell, precisely mirrored mine as a TCK. (

I'd say Ginko is a romantic character, the type of romantic as in not-idealized but realistic...a solid literary character. Romance, Ginko-style! ^_^
Heh heh, the idea of Ginko being a role model has crossed my mind before. He sure possesses much admiring qualities, but after much thought and comparision, I soundly decided to stick to my old role model, that is, Humbert Humbert of Lolita. A character I believe one of the highest pinnacle of a fictional entity. The main reason is the discoursive manner these characters are presented. Ginko and H.H. may be comparable in depth and complexity (albeit with different traits), but Ginko is exhibited through the medium of anime and manga, while H.H. is portrayed through a novel (also in shallower movie format, but that fact will not affect my point). Due to the fact the discourse of novels is far more heavy in words, and of course written by Nabokov, a master writer, consequently H.H. is constructed with more intricacy and detail than Ginko is. H.H. is an entity composed of tens of thousands of words, which gives far more little subtleties and sustenance for my mind to procure. Even to this day I muse of H.H. If Ginko was presented to me in the depths of a book that I read, perhaps I would've had a tougher decision. Plus, H.H. has served me well as an example for nearly half a decade (yes, I first laid my naive and inquisitive eyes on that book during my early teens). His profound and sophisticated qualities are guiding hands that have influenced me in behaving and becoming the person I am far...

Ponderings of my mind. Forgive me for my ramblings.
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