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A relatively simple one to play with -


We gonna start with this..

So what we can do with this lovely young lady? we change the her hair color ^^ ... Blue look so unnatural

her hair color is blue.. unfortunately, so does her Dhuran's head... so select the blue part at dhuran.. and invert the selection (Ctrl+Shift+I)... this way, Dhuran wouldnt be touch ... of course this can be skip if you want ^^

Now open the Hue & Saturation window (Ctrl + U) ...

And you get this ...

Change the edit dropdown box to the color you want to change ... There are several colors to choose from the dropdown
Dont tick the colorize checkbox.
If you move your mouse over the pic, it will became an eyedropper tool, just click the color you want to change.. in this case, her hair .... The lower part would changed automatically as you click the colors on the pic....

Now just go crazy with the hue--hue changed the colors slider to find your choice of hair color for Natsuki ^^ ... Change the saturate for more vibrant, and light for the color tones ..


My result .. a blonde Natsuki (a prove that she love Shizuru )


There, a simple tutorial... what can you do with it? make a funky av, get several hair colors, animated it so natsuki get neon hairs... maybe use in wallpapers .. i dont care, be creative, One advice, anime char skins tend to be yellowish too, so changing blondes would result in changing their skin as well... unless you do the step one to select out the skin portion
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