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Any summary of the series? Color me curious....
The "slapstick drama" begins with Seiya Kanie, a high school boy who is invited on a date in an amusement park by a mysterious beautiful transfer student named Isuzu Sento. He is introduced to Ratifa (or Latifa), a "real" princess and the park's manager, and is asked to be the acting manager of this "disappointing amusement park in the Tokyo suburbs."

Source: ANN

Oh, and someone translated the afterword of Volume 1:

Originally Posted by Shoji Gatoh
This is something that happened 5 years ago:

Normally I have no interest in Amusement Parks. But once I went with other people to a famous mainstream Amusement park (TL: probably Disney.).
I I saw some kids playing with a theme-park Mascot, and suddenly thought "Wouldn't it be interesting, if that Donald Duck employee actually HATE kids?"
Like, what if he doesn't like children, but still force a smile in order to get his paycheck. And then after work he goes to the local pub and complain to fellow co-workers?

When I thought about it, I start to feel empathetic towards these mascots. And that when I see them on TV commercials, I would think about “wow, these guys must have a tough life”.
As a macho kind of guy with unusual tastes, the mainstream themeparks are just boring to me. So that’s why I would end up with dark thoughts about the place. It’s like in class, but suddenly fantasising about “Suddenly Terrorists appeared and took over the school!”, and such thoughts to avoid reality.
But it is these kinds of reality-avoidance that gets me interesting ideas sometimes.
From that time onwards the “Mascot that hate kids” just wouldn’t leave my mind. Paradoxically, that kind of character had NOT actually appeared in this book. Regardless that was why the idea of a “bad theme park” came about all those years ago.

Being an author for 18 years now, I am no stranger to struggles and pain while attempting to make a living trying to entertain people. But there had been happy memories too. I understand both the feeling of those, whose works failed to reach sales targets[1], and the hardships endured by others whose works became blockbuster hits[2]. One could probably say this is the same with any industry. Those Mascots who force a smile and play with the kids every day, would have their own tears and joyful moments...

And this is the central theme of the novel.

Looking back on my body of work, I realise most of it had military themes, dramatic action, and broad setting. But maybe I could try this, something a bit different, this time? That’s how it all began. Even though there had been many failed experiments, this hopefully could come together.. right? Right? (Gatoh own note: Actually it is still a mess IMO).
This first volume is one long story that had a fixed time limit. I think the 2nd volume onwards should be on how these horrible theme park employees spend their chaotic daily lives.
This isn’t that serious a story, I want to write something relaxing that you can read on the way to work.
Only after finishing this volume, did I realise the style was closest to my Debut novel. If I was to write some comedic side stories, I might do a cross-over and bring in the protagonist from that book.

When writing this story, I did some research and interviewed a certain person involved with Disneyland. Because I heard many stories that should never have been revealed from him, I can’t reveal his name. But he supplied many important pieces of info, and for that I am thankful.
Unfortunately this volume didn’t really reflex fully the secrets you revealed, so next volume I would definitely make sure your aid is not in vain.
The in-story mascot character’s mean words on world class theme parks, was suppose to reflect his ignorance of how much hard work is needed to be world-class. I wanted to portray that kind of contrast.
As for the 2ndary main character Mofuru (Sp?), I ended up borrowing Bonta-kun of FMP. I just couldn’t separate the two characters in my head, so I had the idea of just using Bonta-kun directly. I thank Shiki Douji for giving his approval.

Also, special thanks to the illustrator for all the trouble I caused. Despite difficulty, many attractive characters were created, and I thank you. But the deadline for the next volume is tight as well, so we would have to work just as hard once again.

Finally, to the Fujimishobo editor, and the ceo, thank you. I am so very sorry for repeatedly asking for deadline extensions. I will do better next time.
Please, do continue to take good care of me in the future.

2013 Jan, Shoji Gatoh.
[1] = Too many anime can apply here.
[2] = Kakifly and K-ON?
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