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Well, this is the anime (and I don't have access to the manga at present), but I learned a while back that even jokes and very casual, seemingly throw away references from Hata-sensei end up having meaning to the plot. Of course, sometimes it takes years to come to light.
If you really need proof that Hata plans this stuff out unbelievably far in advance...

Title page for the first published volume of Hayate. Literally the first thing, even before the infamous picture with the profile of the RG/Castle.

Also, I should clarify that this has come up before. Mikado told Hayate he was Santa during the climax of the Mykonos Arc.

It's not clear if he recognized Hayate the first time he met him as Nagi's butler, but I want to think he did. Even his advice was the same, really. Stop relying on other people and find your own happiness, and here's a stone that will help you do it.
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