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Otaku Expo 2014 (day 1)

Well, it's January of 2014. Time for another year of fun at anime conventions. Let's start with the first anime convention for this year. Otaku Expo 2014 was held at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall last Jan 11 and 12. We attended day 1.

Without any further delay here are the pics:

Hallway of 5th floor

First pic for the day is a group pic. Jeanie as Yozora from Haganai, Shingeki no Kyojin cosplay by Lyka, and Misaki Mei cosplay by Thanya. Noticed right away that this convention is not very crowded. I guess that's a good thing, because it would be easier to move around.

Saw a friend as we neared the entrance of the Megatrade Hall.

Mikki Nyan cosplaying as Ranka from Macross. She remarked that somehow, she's always wearing her yellow dress when I see her.

They seem to be promoting a group named Gook PH, and they were carrying the banner all day. One of their members gave me a contact info on facebook. Will ask them later on what exactly is the purpose of their group.

Bought ticket

Inside the Megatrade Hall

Received a text from a friend, saying she's near the Maid Cafe. And that's where we found her.

Alyssa cosplaying as Princess of the Crystal from Penguindrum. Alyssa often cosplays as Taiga from Toradora, but she wanted to try something different this time.


One of the displays inside.

Karen as Grand Archer Rena from Elsword, she's one of my companions going to this convention (the other two are Mich as Rikka, and Sarah as Roromiya). We actually have an extra pair of slippers, just in case something goes wrong with Karen's shoes. The shoes proved to be just fine, and we left the slippers at the car later in the day. ",)

After some chat, we say goodbye to Alyssa and move to another area inside the megatrade hall..

Met Kerubin near the stage, also one of my friends. She's a Hatsune Miku cosplayer, but she's decided not to cosplay in this event. We took one pic for souvenir.

Patricia cosplaying as.. sorry, forgot to write it on my notebook. I'm quite sure this is not a maid cosplay. This part will be edited once I ask her.

Enma Ai cosplay by Rhan

Aly Chan cosplaying as Fear Kubrick from C3

Krista Lenz cosplay (pajama version) by Jam. She looks ready to sleep!

Stage area

Lolita cosplay by Allely Rose and Taiga cosplay by Allyza Rose. Looking at the names, they're probably sisters. And if you look closely, Allyza has a small piece of paper with orange string attached to her costume. Cosplayers who have that piece of paper (it has a number written on it) would be participating at the cosplay competition in the afternoon.

Aika as Sanya Litvyak from Strike Witches, - she's one of the judges at the cosplay competition in the afternoon.

Hatsune Miku cosplay by Angela. She came with her mom. First time i saw a Miku that has a small megaphone - kawaii. ^^

Keito cosplaying as Master Hunter.


Plenty of cosplayers are gathered here in this area, so let's stay here a little longer.

Tiffany as Miku, Fhati as Haruhi, Aki as Kagome, and Yvette as Rin.


Dinny Grayson as female version of Nagisa Hazuki


Kore wa Zombie Desu ka cosplay by Nikki


Ok, that's enough pics inside the megatrade hall. For now let's move outside again. It is now approximately 3 pm in the afternoon. We decided to head back to the car to get some things.

Hallway of 5th floor.

We met several cosplayers while headed to the carpark. This convention is so nice, not crowded at all and people can move easily.

Code Geass cosplay by Ynna

Mikasa Ackerman cosplay by Jesy. We are seeing so many versions of Mikasa in conventions. She sure is a famous character.

Les cosplaying as Neko from K

Gezelee as Misaki from Maid-sama and Fedilyn as Mio from K-On.

We found Inuyasha, and got him angry. Just kidding ok.

Kaito Bella as Zero the Silverfang Knight. Told us that he's sort of shy, so he likes to wear a costume that has a mask. He joined the cosplay competition in the afternoon, and he did some nice acting with that sword.

Went down to the 4th 4loor and into the carpark.

It's now about 4 pm in the afternoon. Time sure flies when you're having fun. We got back in the car, stayed there for awhile. Karen (Rena) and Mich (Rikka) joined the the cosplay competition, so we need to get back at the Megatrade hall by 5 pm.

Hallway of 4th floor

Time is now approximately 4:45 in the afternoon. Need to get something to eat to get our strength back. On the way to KFC we met Yoshino, and of course she has Yoshinon with her. ^^

Tin Alcala cosplaying as Yoshino from Date a Live

Sarah is helping me order food. Karen and Mich used my cam while I was gone. :3


We barely have 10 minutes to eat now. For some reason, we indeed managed to finish the rice and chicken in that short time. O_O

Walk quickly to the 5th floor.

Hallway of 5th floor

No pics while walking, we need to get to megatrade hall quickly. ><

Inside the Megatrade Hall

Thankfully, it didn't start at exactly 5. And we arrived with plenty of time to spare.

Cosplay Competition

One of the first people on stage is sobacake, as Maki Nishikino from Love Live. She has a cute voice. :3

And here are pics of other cosplayers who joined. Sorry, some of them are blurred. +_+ Digicam isn't good at taking pictures of people who are moving. The performance by the Adventure Time cosplayer is entertaining. ^^

. . . .

The competition finished, and we decide to go back outside. It's now evening.

Hallway of 5th floor.

Just outside the megatrade hall we saw Kaitlin, she's the girl who is not wearing a costume - but she did wear a costume on day 2. I'll show that pic later in this writeup. Oh, and the scary looking cosplay on the far right is Jovie. I think she's cosplaying as that character from The Ring. O_O

Mitzi Watanabe cosplaying as Hatsune Miku. More versions of Miku is always a good thing.

Arlene cosplaying as Dead Master. That's an impressively huge scythe. ^^

Saw Aya, she's a member of 15 Raindrop dance group.

And not far from where we saw Aya, we saw 2 more raindrop members. Diana (Harlequin cosplay) and Ross. They are both very tall girls. XD And Ross has makeup all over her face, because she was wearing the Harlequin costume earlier during the day.

It's now past 7 in the evening. Taking some last pics for the day.

Liam Jo cosplaying as Yozora from Haganai, and her friend friend Nhicolle. It's already evening, and people are mostly tired at this part of the day. But they still have good smiles.

Sarah found a group of guys in black. The one carrying the circular weapons joined the cosplay competition.

Rhoan cosplaying as Kagome from Inuyasha

Maegan as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

We decided to go back inside and take one last look at the shops at the megatrade hall.

Back inside the Megatrade Hall

Buy two for 95 pesos.

A square Pusheen. Should have bought this one, I really like cat.

Met our friend Olive, she's the store owner at Hatah Hatah. It's a place where they sell cute hats, and other nice accessories. ",)

Bought some bears as souvenirs.

Hallway of 5th floor

Still don't want to go home. XD

Taking some last pics. Saw Ria Aoyami, she has the same wig as the one that Karen is using. ^^
We would like to thank Rhonelle Sarmiento for the shoes, and Jakilyn Chipeco of Three Smitten Kittens shop for the wing accessories. Both of you are good props makers.

. .

And we met Ross one more time, the leader of 15 Raindrop. They're good at dancing. Hoping to see them perform again at a convention someday.

Katelyn as Caren Artensia from Fate / Hollow Ataraxia

Sorry, due to fatigue I was no longer able to ask what cosplay she's doing. Her name is Nathalie.

Bought ice cream from Arjay, the friendly ice cream vendor at the 5th floor. Nothing wrong with eating something cold before going home. :3

Didn't expect to see one more friend this late in the evening - but I did see one. Last cosplay pic for the day is a Dream of Doll cosplay by Reika Takanashi.

Goodbye Otaku Expo 2014. This has been a good day. ",)

Otaku Expo 2014 (day 2)

I was not able to attend day 2. However, I did ask some friends who went on day 2 if they want to contribute some pics to this writeup. Not present on day 2, I'm not the one who took shots of these pics.

She wasn't cosplaying on day 1, but she's now wearing her cosplay on day 2.

Kaitlin cosplaying as Alice Baskerville from Pandora Hearts. (Kaitlin is a costume maker, she accepts orders for made to order schoolgirl uniforms and maid costumes ).

From left: Abe Gail (Saeko Bujusima from High School of the Dead), Janeru (Taiga Aisaka), Donna (Riko Aida from Kuroko no Basuke), and Clarence (Saya Kisaragi from Blood-C). Their group is planning to do an Anohana cosplay, though most of the roles aren't decided yet. Donna told me that she would probably be Tsurumi.

. . .

Cristel Villamarin as Ellie from RAVE, and Mary Grace Villamarin as Alisa from God Eater Burst (she recently won a cosplay competition).

Sonoda Koharu as Azusa Asahina and Taiki as Tsubaki Asahina

Well that's all. Thanks for reading. The next writeup would probably be about PCC convention happening on March 9 and 10. ",)

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