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Japanese otaku lingo

I feel bored, so I'll create a thread about several lingos used by otakus:

The prestigious award for the first definition goes to...


"tsundere," is a term used to describe girls that are cold and strict at first or in public, but becomes all lovey-dovey when they are alone together.

Some examples of tsundere characters:
Hinagiku and Nagi (Hayate no Gotoku)
Sawachika Eri (School Rumble)
Kagurazaka Asuna (Mahou Sensei Negima!)
Hasegawa Chisame (Mahou Sensei Negima!)
Evangeline A.K. McDowell (Mahou Sensei Negima!)
Daikuuji Ayu (Kimi ga Nozomu Eien)
Nanase Rumi (ONE)
Tohsaka Rin (Fate/stay night)
Tohno Akiha (Tsukihime)
Practically everyone (Tsuyokiss)
etc. etc....

Visual example:

[I-know-it's-bad] Usage example:

My childhood friend has blonde, twin-tail hair. She is the epitome of a tsundere.

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