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Zettai Ryouiki ("Absolute Territory")
(the pictures of Tohsaka Rin in the previous post is also a great example of a sexy "zettai ryouiki")

Many definitions are sometimes listed in the English wikipedia site, so you might want to use that as a complement to my explanations.

As for "absolute territory," I posted this in another thread, but I might as well copy and paste it here as well:

Originally Posted by Lina Inverse
Hmm, perhaps we should found a "overknee socks lovers" club
But they have to be *white*, gray/black ones (as e.g. in Shuffle) just look *bleh*
"zettai-ryouiki" - 何漢字を使ったいますか。 「絶対・領域」ですか。この言葉は何由来ですか。
Yes, the kanji for zettai-ryouiki is 絶対領域

I am trying to perpetuate the English transliteration "absolute territory," but you can feel free to use zettai-ryouiki if that sounds much more "cooler."

I wrote a post about it before the forum crashed, so I try my best to recall what I wrote:

"Absolute territory" is the section of the skin that is exposed between the mini-skirt and the overknee socks. The ideal ratio should be 4:1:2.5 (length of mini-skirt : absolute territory : length of overknee socks above the knee).

A character that is equipped with such weapon can annihilate vast amounts of brain cells, which can amount to an intense moe~ness that is so destructive that one can overcome one's AT field in less than 0.03 seconds.

Many consider Mayura-tan as a prime example of a destructive absolute territory (or you can oggle at Tohsaka Rin's magnificent absolute territory on the previous post):

[I-know-it's-bad] Usage example:

One of the reasons I love Tama-nee is because of her gorgeous zettai-ryouiki / absolute territory with her white knee-socks.

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