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Summary of an interview with Meteo in TYPE-MOON Ace:

- The rough plot and the characters have been decided from the beginning, Meteo fleshed out the details
- Tensai himself didn't present almost any concrete story, just corrected the things that Meteo wrote
- OKSG from Type-MOON and Suga Shoutarou also participate in writing the scripts
- Individual episode scripts aren't made with the same image in mind, so the characters may act out of character in some episodes
- Initially, Venera-sama didn't wear a mask after transformation, but Tensai insisted that she does
- Similarly, Roboko also looked more like a human from the beginning, but after Tensai's suggestion she became more robot-like
- Yasu exists only to be shat on
- Ep5 will have lewd. OKSG is writing the script for it.

Well then, please tell us what should we look for in the next episodes.
I feel like every episode from now on will be like a firearm. We have prepared kinda sexual fanservice (?) for ep5. I heard that it was quite an uproar when Kuno-san in the radio interview said with tears in her voice that they made her say a lot of words she has never said before. (laughs) Furthermore, OKSG-san is in charge of that episode. She makes her debut as an anime script writer with this sudden fanservice episode, but it will actually become a comical episode typical for OKSG, so please look forward to it. After that, there's also a grand episode in the second part of the show. That episode takes place in a different setting than before, so I think this will also serve as a fresh taste of entertainment.
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