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7th Philippine Cosplay Convention (day 1)

Hi, here's one more anime convention report before the month of March ends. The 7th Philippine Cosplay Convention was held last March 8 and 9, at Robinson's Place Manila. Entrance is free. We attended as a group on day 1, and I went back for a short time on day 2.

Without any further delay here are the pics:

Location: 1st Floor of Robinsons Manila, convention area

Time: approximately 11:30 a.m

First pic for the day is Blessie and her friend. Sorry, I forgot to write down the name of your cosplay on my mini notebook. Will edit this part when I've asked.

Next pic are my friends Cristel and Mary Grace. They only passed by for a short time, so they didn't wear cosplay costume for this day. Cat bag is cute. ^^ And Grace has some mean looking shoes. o.o

. .

Location: 2nd floor of Robinsons Manila

Met another friend. Alyssa cosplaying as Fear Kubrick from C3. I'm the one who is supposed to bring her the drill props at 11 a.m. Sorry for being late Alyssa-chan. Good thing she didn't get angry like a tsundere. XD

. . . . .

Location: first floor

Time: A little past 12 in the afternoon

Went back to the first floor to the con area. This event isn't very large. But the atmosphere is generally better than conventions held at SM Megamall and MOA. Here at Robinson's Manila, the guards are not strict, and eventhough the place has many people - you can still move around fairly easily. :3

Next pics are Yuuta and Rikka cosplay by Arnauld and Mich. Mich is one of my companions at the car, and Arnauld is a cosplayer that we met there. He's rather friendly, and a 100% fan of Chuunibyou.


There's an auction going on at the stage.

Theta-chan cosplaying as Kurousagi. Another friend who came with us at the car. She is a friendly rabbit, as long as she's not hungry. /just kidding

. . .

Viola cosplay by Angela. Is this character from a game or anime? Need to ask her.. This part of the writeup might become edited later.


Mich and Karen, after they registered for the cosplay competition. Karen is cosplaying as Grand Archer Rena from Elsword, and she's another one of our companions at the car. :>

Time: Almost 3 pm in the afternoon

Time flies so fast. Our bunny companion is getting hungry. None of us had a decent lunch before going to the con. So it's now a quick stroll to the fast food.

Maid cosplay by Theresa. Another friend who came with us.


Meal time. Actually, we have two more people but they're still at the dressing room. I just texted them that we are at the fast food.

Back to the convention area.

Umeko-emi as Umi Sonoda from Love Live School Idol Project

. .

Vaynard cosplaying as.. hmm, she just wrote the word OC at my mini notebook. Perhaps it means own costume. I guess this is a costrip (cosplaying as her own character).

Phoenix cosplay by Tina

Two pikachu are better than just one. Pikachu cosplay by Michino Yuza and Sunny Jung. ^^

And walking just a bit, I saw my friend Tiny. Cosplaying as a character from Bleach.

. .

Tiny came with Aimee (another friend). But before I could take a pic of Aimee, someone called me to watch over some stuffs. And when I came back, they are already gone. >.< Gomen Aimee-chan. Will be sure to take a pic of your cosplay next time.

Sorceress from Dragon Nest Sea. Cosplay by Frenzy Joy

Asuna cosplay by Sarah. She is another friend who came with us. ",)

To those wondering what the convention looks like. Here's a quick look at the convention area.

. . . .

Eilene Mariano. The friendly sales representative at Vogue Royal Cosplay shop. She is also a cosplayer. If you need some nice costumes at affordable price. This is the place to go.

Irine cosplay by Rielle. The Dragon Nest booth has plenty of cosplayers dressed as characters from the game. My friend Anjeline (not present in this convention) also cosplayed as Irine for a Dragon Nest booth last year. She hasn't been attending conventions lately. I sort of miss her..

. .

Sean cosplaying as.. Sorry, wasn't able to ask if her character. Though the character seems to be from a game, because she's working at a booth just like the Dragon Nest girls who are nearby.

Time: about 5 pm in the afternoon

Saw another friend. Rhoan cosplaying as Ririchiyo. Well, she told me that the personality of her character doesn't smile. Anyway, this is a convention so I guess it's ok to smile.


Kamui Yato from Gintama. Cosplay by Fatima.

Comic Alley booth girls. Fallen (the one with white ears) and Yui.


Cure Rhythm cosplay by Kim. Didn't expect to see a precure cosplayer in this convention. Glad I found one. The costume is well-made in my opinion.


Time: 6 pm in the afternoon

I'm really liking the relaxed atmosphere in this convention. The guards are not strict, and not shouting in megaphones like the annoying guards at SM Megamall conventions. Time to get some more pics. ",)

Mika Mikachuu as Annie in Wonderland, and Miu Aihara as Kojima Haruna.


Maid cosplay. Sorry, I wasn't able to ask her name.

Went back to the area where my friends are staying.

Aria cosplay by Djonelyn. It's her birthday, and we sang a short birthday song for her. ^^ /not kidding

We found another Rikka!

15 Raindrop dance group - saw them while looking for a store to buy spare batteries for my cam. Ross (group leader) as Sasuke, Cheenee as Naruto, Jean as Shino, and Aya as Shikamaru.


I wasn't able to see their performance on stage (we were at a fastfood when they performed, sorry ><). But fortunately, their performance was recorded and Ross was nice to give me the links.

And they also got interviewed after their performance. 15 Raindrop is a hardworking group. I hope for their success.

It's getting late. Almost time to go home. Let's take one last look at the shops.

Panda and ribbons


Visited another friend. Olive at her shop - For Isabela - She's a nice person. All of the stuff toys at her shop are handmade.

. .

Time: 7:30 pm

And now, it's time to take the last pics for the day.

Meliza as Eli. The notes on my mini notebook are not clear. If I made a mistake in the name of this character, please tell me.

Ersilia from Ib. Cosplay by Reia.

Sakuya Izayoi cosplay by Meowchii. Well, her name is Krishna but she likes to be called by that nickname. She is one of those cosplayers that I often see in conventions.

. .

Cassiel cosplaying as Rapunzel. That's a rather long wig. ^^


Sunny as Asuna Yuuki (ALO version).

Some more pics with Meliza.

. .

We are already walking to the carpark, but there's still some people who want to take pics. XD

. .

And one last shot for souvenir of this nice day.

Well, that's the end of PCC day for us. It would be nice if more conventions are held at this place. There is a lot of space, easy to walk around, and the guards are not strict.

7th Philippine Cosplay Convention (day 2)

Location: 1st Floor of Robinsons Manila, convention area

Time: approximately 2pm in the afternoon

This day I came alone, because could only stay only for about an hour. Only went here to meet some people. Might as well take pics while waiting.

First pic for this day is Lianne as Chii from Chobits.

Saw a friend by coincidence. Blessie as Nurse Akali from League of Legends. She is the same person that I met on day 1 (please see first pic of day 1).

Marie as Pikachu, she even has a pokeball. ^^


Homura-chan as Saya Kisaragi from Blood-C. Hmm, looks like I'm standing on a good spot. Plenty of cosplayers passing by this area.


Time: 2:30 in the afternoon

And finally, met the person that I'm waiting for. Donna-chan, and her friend Abe Gail. They're going to cosplay as Yui and Ritsu from K-On. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to wait for them to get dressed up (need to leave in 30 min). So I just took a pic of them and Ton-chan (Donna's keychain). XD


Superman cosplay. Also saw him at at the Toyfair in Megamall last year. As I finished taking his pic, I heard one of his friends say that it's good that he (superman) is not drunk today. O_o

Gothic Annie cosplay by Mina Kim. She's tall, pretty, and has a large number of fans in the cosplay community here.

. .

Still waiting for one more person. So let's walk around a little. There are still many cosplayers on day 2. Just as many as day 1.

Mica as Rin Kagamine and Maria as Gumi.


Sayu as Mikasa Ackerman and Kayu as Kuroko


Shaider and Annie. This sentai used to be a popular TV show here in my country years ago.

Sugar48 dance group. Didn't expect to see them! But glad that I did.
I know only two members. Katnip as Takamina, and Mina Monina as Tomochin.

Katnip passed to me this video of their performance. I was not able to watch it at the convention because I had to leave early.

However, I did take their pics before going home.

. .

Walking around a little more.. because April-chan texted me that she's on the way to the convention area.

Met Vaynard again. This time she's cosplaying as an anime character. Sorry, I forgot to ask the name of her character, and from what anime. If anyone knows, just tell me. Thanks.

And met another friend. Wendy. I got a coscard from her. ",)


Time: 3 pm

Saw April-chan at last. I think this is a character from Vocaloid? Anyway, it's cute. It's the first time that I saw her wear this kind of costume. :3


A short look at the booth selling stuffed toys. ^^.


They still have auction on stage at the second day of the convention.

Rachel Alucard cosplay from Blaz Blue. Cosplay by Shin Aozuki.


Saw another friend by coincidence while going home.

Yuno cosplay by Jane-chan. That's a lot of blood. *-*

Now hurrying to go home.. but wait, one more pic. ^^

Last pic for the day is a Death Note cosplay by Fran. Also at the pic is her friend Karen Grace.


And that's all for day 2. It's a short, but fun day. Goodbye 7th PCC, hope to visit again next year. ",)

Pics taken after getting home.

Card that I got from Olive on day 1. I've also bought a stuffed toy on day 2. ^^

Well, that's all. Thank you for reading. Next convention will be Tagcom 2014 on April 12 and 13.

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