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Someone translated the rules to this game on /a/:

There are two decks
LRIG: White cards, has LRIG and Arts (LRIG abilities) cards
Main: Black cards, has Signi (minions that you summon) and spells (actions)

The game is set up into zones
LRIG Zone: simple, this is where you keep your LRIG
Signi Zone: again, where you place summoned signi. (max. 3)
Life Cloth: During setup you place 7 Signi face down on the life cloth. Think of this as your LRIG’s hit points.
Ener Zone: Signi don’t die when they’re killed, they go to the Ener zone. This zone is important for leveling up you LRIG and casting spells/arts, more on that later.

Kill your opponent's Lrig

Draw five cards from the main deck (This is your hand) then players go back and forth summoning Signi, casting spells, and trying to hit the opponent's LRIG.

Turns are broken into phases:
Draw phase
Draw 2 cards.
Ener Phase
You can sacrifice one of your Signi straight to the Ener Zone.
Growth Phase (leveling up your Lrig)
This is where your Signi in the Ener Zone come into play. To level up, “grow” your Lrig, you have to pay a “growth cost”. That means discarding a certain number of cards from the Ener Zone
Main Phase
Here you can do three things
Summon Signi: The level of your LRIG puts a limit on how strong the Signi you summon are.
Spells: Spells do various things, again, they have a cost that must be paid for by discarding cards from the Ener Zone.
Arts: Similar to spells. Basically special attacks that higher level LRIGs can use. Also have a cost.
Attack Phase
Attack your opponent’s Signi and Life Cloth with your Signi and LRIG. If you hit your opponent’s Life Cloth, that card goes to the Ener Zone, and you’re one step closer to winning.

Once you’ve depleted your opponent’s Life Cloth, you can attack their LRIG. Defeat her, and you win the game.

Everything else you want to know about WIXOSS is in the image below:

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