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Originally Posted by JOJOS'STAR
Its not that I doubt you a second but I'm postitive I still hear "Hentai!" in some anime these days, in the way of.. "when dealing with a pervert" situations. :P So, if I may go further, hentai means pervert in the mind of some mangakas. So that would mean the japanese are also responsable for making the "weirdo" word change into "Pervert". Or else they'd be doing it just to please us, north american~ne? ^-^

Do you think this has anything to do with the world of anime being much apart from the real world's aesthetic? I guess not.
That's because that's what it means?

Hentai = something abnormal or pervert (most commonly used as a noun for pervert)
whereas in the West, it somehow became,
Hentai = anime porn.

So it's a little funny whenever I see someone go "I love watching hentai". I'm not sure what's so fun about watching perverts, but that's just me.

=========Might as well contribute one

Moe Youso / Moe Zokusei

Translates to "Moe Elements / Moe Properties".

An otaku term used to describe a specific property or situation involving characters in a way that makes one feel "moe". This can also be used when referring to a specific point about characters that strikes one as a "weakpoint" ("I found out what my moe property is", for example). It's almost impossible to list all known moe properties since they can consist of pretty much anything, and some may be more obscure compared to others, but here are some most common examples:

Tsundere / Meganekko / Nekomimi / Usamimi / Maid / Miko / Nurse / Teacher / Senpai (senior) / Kouhai (junior) / School Uniform / (School) Swimsuit / Loli / Yuri / Childhood Friend / Oneesan (older sister) / Imouto (little sister) / Mother / Stepsister / Itoko (cousin) / Wife / Twins / Big Breasts / Small Breasts / Kneesock (with color variations) / Garters / Tights / Absolute Territory / Ojousama / Iincho (class president) / Student Body President / Librarian / Displinarian / Mahou Shojo / Elf / Fairy / Crybaby / Shy / Silent / Obedient / Tennen Boke (natural airhead) / Yamato Nadeshiko (traditional beauty) / Dojikko (clumsy) / Ijimerarekko (abused) / Otenba (tomboy) / Uwamezukai (eyes looking up at you, puppy eyes) / Apron / Naked Apron / Oversized Long Sleeve Shirts / Striped Clothings (ex. underwear) / Frilly Clothings / Pyjamas / Panty / No Panty / Short Hair / Long Hair / Ahoge / Ponytail / Twintails / Mitsuami (braids) / Osage (single long braid) / Okappa (bobbed hair) / (various hair colors) / Odeko (high forehead) / Ribbons / Yukata / Chinese Dress / Kansai-ben / Strange favorite sayings ("Uguu" or "Gao", for example) / Denpa (says strange or nutty things) / ...

Ok yeah I'm going overboard.
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