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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
For those favoring stricter gun control, and/or a complete ban on (some?) guns, I'm curious to know your exact policy stance.
A complete ban on guns is, needless to say, completely unworkable given the quirks of American history and law.

Plenty of innovative ideas had already been suggested in this forum in the relevant thread. One of them is the setting up of insurance policies for gun ownership, thereby introducing a powerful commercial motive for ensuring responsible gun use.

On my part, I would suggest the creation of public or private armouries, where gun owners are legally obliged to store their firearms. That way, you could still be a gun owner, but your access to them could be better controlled to ensure that you'd use them only for legitimate reasons, like sport shooting, or what have you.

Exceptions can be made, perhaps, for rural communities, which do have a viable claim of requiring such personal protection, given their physically isolated environments.

Failing that, I would wonder whether it's possible to simply restrict the sale of ammunition. You can buy all the guns you want, but your purchases of ammunition ought to be limited and tracked by the authorities. This could make it easier to spot suspicious spikes in ammunition purchases, prompting the authorities to investigate.

It has also been pointed out several times before by forum members that the Second Amendment permits the ownership of firearms in the context of enabling Americans to set up militias if need be.

That being the case, I would strongly suggest making that a reality: Make it a legal requirement for any gun owner to also undertake relevant militia training. You'll not only gain suitable training on responsible gun use, but also come under greater peer review, raising the chances of spotting a potential criminal.
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