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Binbou Shimai Monogatari Anime + Drama CD

Originally Posted by NeoSam
Another anime got announced (announced yesterday)


Binbo Shimai Monogatari

Broadcast: 2006

Its based on a manga thats serialized in the seinen(young men's) manga magazine Sunday GX (Sunday Gene-X).
For now there are 2 volumes released of this manga, here are the covers:

From AnimeNfo:

Genre: Seinen, Drama


Yay Yay Yay another seinen manga from Sunday GX magazine is getting animated I love this magazine, its the magazine that serializes REC and Black Lagoon manga

Someone please start a thread about this anime >.<

Anime On DVD Community Forums: Binbou Shimai Monogatari (Story of Poor Sisters)

In addition, the Binbou Shimai Monogatari drama CD will be released before the debut of the animated series on television.


Yamada Kyou : Tanaka Rie
Yamada Asu : Kugimiya Rie
Echigoya Kinko : Shindou Naomi
Echigoya Ginko : Saitou Chiwa
Saegusa Ranko : Hiramatsu Akiko
Hayashi Genzou : Mugihito

[Date of Sale] : Scheduled Sale on April 21, 2006
[Retail Price] : Retail Price 3150 yen (tax included)
[Sales Agency] : Frontier Works

While wholesale changes in the cast have occurred in other drama CD to anime conversions, such as Rozen Maiden and ARIA, a number of Japanese fans believe that no similar wholesale changes in the cast will occur for Binbou Shimai Monogatari because it is a Toei Animation production.

According to at least one poster on 2ch, Toei appears to favor Tanaka Rie, who has been cast in prominent roles on Toei Animation titles like Kujou Hikari (Shiny Luminous) on Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, Takane Kiku on Ring ni Kakero 1 and Shimuka/Simca on Air Gear.

We'll see.

Anime On DVD Community Forums: "Female Executive of Evil, Please Talk Dirty to Me"

Tanaka Rie has uttered her share of favorite catch words, catch phrases, and interjections through characters she has played in anime.


Chii in Chobits (2002)

- "Chii"
- "Hentai!"
- "Hideki hentai!"
- "Hideki wa hentai!" ("Hideki is a pervert!")
- "Pantsu pantsu pantsu pantsu"


Sanadasan in UFO Princess Valkyrie (2002)

- "himesama" ("princess")
- "mukodono" ("son-in-law")


Mizuhara Koyomi (Yomi) in Azumanga Daioh (2002)

- "Double chop!"
- "Bonkuraazu!" ("Knuckleheads!" "Blockheads!" "Idiots!")

Yomi obviously serves as the model for Tachibana Rei in Pani Poni Dash! (2005), not only in appearance and demeanor, but in speech as well.

Yukino Satsuki unmistakably patterns the way she speaks as Rei in Pani Poni Dash! after the way Tanaka Rie speaks as Yomi in Azumanga Daioh.


Suigintou in Rozen Maiden (2004)

- "junk"
- "nyuusankin" ("lactic acid bacteria," "lactic acid bacilli," "lactobacilli")

Suigintou asks...

*kusukusu* ...... Nyuusankin totteruu? (*giggle* ...... Have you been taking your lactic acid bacteria?)

What is Yakult?
Yakult is a fermented milk drink that contains a very high concentration of a unique, beneficial bacterium called Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain. This bacteria was named after Dr Shirota and is exclusive to Yakult. It is pronounced as follows: [color:"green"]Lack-toe-bass-ill-us case-e-i Shirota strain.[/color]
Suigintou Holds Yakult

Suigintou Drinks Yakult


Lacus Clyne in Gundam SEED DESTINY (2004-2005)

- "Kira"
- "Kira"
- "Kira"
- "Kira"
- "Kira"
- "Kira"
- "Kira"


Tomoe Marguerite in My-Otome (2005-2006)

- "gomikuzu" ("trash," "garbage," "rubbish")

Tomoe Marguerite, Female Executive of Evil (Tomoe Maruguritto, Aku no Onnakanbu)


Many anime fans in Japan (and elsewhere) closely identify Tanaka Rie with characters she has played and what they have said, such as Suigintou ("junk," "nyuusankin") in Rozen Maiden and Tomoe Marguerite ("gomikuzu") in My-Otome.

The following example comes from a recent My-Otome thread archived at 2ch.

Mai-OtoHiME ~Maistaa Otome he no Shiren sono 137~

664 : [Kaze no Tani no Nanashisan @ Jikkyou wa Jikkyou Ita de] : 2006/01/22(Nichi) 02:12:48 IDbN/yrEu
Tomoe wa gomikuzu janai yo

Janku da yo


My-Otome ~The 137th Trial to be a Meister Otome~

664 : [Mr./Ms. Nameless of the Valley of the Wind @ The Real Condition with the Live Board] : 2006/01/22 (Sunday) 02:12:48 IDbN/yrEu
Tomoe is not trash

Tomoe is junk

Director Obara Masakazu and Series Writer Yoshino Hiroyuki Single Out the Great Acting Performance of Tanaka Rie as Tomoe Marguerite in My-Otome (Mai-Otome)

My-Otome (Mai-Otome) Anime Perfect Guide

ISBN: 425313016X

Page 115

Sutoorii Daijesuto

Dai22wa Horobi no Uta

2006/3/9 OnAir


Tanaka Rie-san no kaien ... motto hayaku kore ga wakatte ireba kyaradate suru houhou wa iroiro atta noni......

Ato wa Tomoe-yaku no Tanaka Rie-san no engi. Datsubou desu (wara).
Story Digest

Episode 22 The Song of Destruction

2006/03/09 Television Broadcast


[Director Masakazu] Obara
The extraordinary acting performance of Tanaka Rie ... if I had realized this earlier, that there were various ways to do the character [of Tomoe Marguerite]......

[Head Writer Hiroyuki] Yoshino
Then there is the acting of Rie Tanaka in the role of Tomoe. I take my hat off to her (smiles).

Tanaka Rie is famous among anime fans in Japan and elsewhere for playing great evil villains, such as Tomoe Marguerite in My-Otome, Suigintou in Rozen Maiden, and Morganna in .hack//SIGN.

Something Big in Store for Tanaka Rie and Her Fans

In post #648 of the Desunooto Animeka Seiyuu Yosou Kenketteigo Sure 4 (After the Decision to Make the Death Note Animation Voice Actor Predictions Thread 4), icWQbRlxO brings up that it seems to have been said on radio that something "big" was decided for Tanaka Rie.

Could "big" mean a role in DEATH NOTE?

The roles of Amane Misa (post #651) and Kiyomi Takada (post #653) are mentioned.

But I+/hZDVj40 in post #650 notes that the word "big" ("ookii") generally indicates the "starring role" or "playing the leading part" ("shuen"), does it not?

The lead role in DEATH NOTE is Yagami Raito (Light) ... a man. There is no relationship to DEATH NOTE, I+/hZDVj40 observes, right?

Then the bombshell dropped.

654 : [Koe no Shutsuen : Nanashisan] : 2006/08/14(Getsu) 22:39:14 ID:yD64hxf20
Tanaka Rie wa anime no Nodame Kantaabire no shuen dakara
Nodame sure ike
654 : [Voice Appearance : Mr./Ms. Nameless] : 2006/08/14 (Monday) 22:39:14 ID:yD64hxf20
Tanaka Rie plays the main role [Noda Megumi aka Nodame] in the Nodame Cantabile anime, so
The Nodame thread pond.

Post #654 by yD64hxf20 has been copied and pasted to a number of threads on various 2ch message boards.

Rumors on 2ch can be hit or miss ... often miss.

Persistent 2ch rumors had named the new cast for the six main characters in Saint Seiya, including Tanaka Rie as the new voice actor for Kido Saori aka Athena. While 2ch rumors of the voice actors for the other five main Saint Seiyuu characters were right, they were wrong about Tanaka Rie as Saori. It turned out to be Orikasa Fumiko.

On the other hand, constant 2ch rumors that Tanaka Rie had landed a major role in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart proved to be true. Tanaka Rie was indeed cast in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - as the voice actor of Kujou Hikari, also known as Shiny Luminous.

So, for now, take rumors of Tanaka Rie being the voice actor of Noda Megumi (Nodame) in Nodame Cantabile with a grain of salt.

But Tanaka Rie does mention in her Summer Vacation (Natsuyasumi) 2006/08/02 23:39 entry on diary at her official website, rierie world, that a "big work has been decided" ("ookiina oshigoto ga kimarimashita") and that, as soon as they can, they will gladly announce it.

In my three or so years of following her official website, I do not recall Tanaka Rie using "big work" ("ookiina oshigoto") to describe one of her upcoming roles before.

If I+/hZDVj40 is correct, then this "big work" means that Tanaka Rie will star in some major Japanese animation (anime) title. Whether it be as Nodame in Nodame Cantabile, or something else, remains to be seen.

The starring role turned out to be Matsukata Hiroko (Hiro), the main character in Hataraki-Man.

Futari ha Purikyua Netabare Sure part5

[241] Namae : [Futari ha Nanashisan] Toukoubi : 2006/08/12(Do) 00:02:03 [ yZXpQ9W6 ]
100oku --> 120oku
Maa seikou de attaro to omoimasu
Ato Ruminasu kouka
Futari wa Pretty Cure Spoiler Thread part 5

[241] Name : [Futari wa Nanashisan] Contribution Date : 2006/08/12 (Saturday) 00:02:03 [ yZXpQ9W6 ]
10 Billion [Yen] --> 12 Billion [Yen]
Well, I think it [Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart] was a success
After the Luminous effect.

Tanaka Rie is the speaking and singing voice of Kujou Hikari, also known as Shiny Luminous, in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart (2005-2006). Hikari / Luminous does not appear in Futari wa Pretty Cure (2004-2005).

After the introduction of Kujou Hikari / Shiny Luminous at the beginning of Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, Bandai Namco character sales jumped from 10.1 billion yen in fiscal year 2004-2005 for Futari wa Pretty Cure to 12.3 billion yen in fiscal year 2005-2006 for Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - an increase of 21.7 percent, or 2.2 billion yen.

According to yZXpQ9W6 in the livedoor post linked to and quoted above, the great increase of 2.2 billion yen in character sales for the Futari wa Pretty Cure franchise is due to the "Luminous effect" - that is, Shiny Luminous aka Kujou Hikari aka Tanaka Rie.

Kujou Hikari / Shiny Luminous has been said by many in Japan to have been a sales promotion character for Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart. And, as character sales figures from NAMCO BANDAI Holdings Inc. show, she has been a highly successful one at that.

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