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In case anyone is interested in what they were referencing during the preview, this is the note I left the show's editor explaining it:

Well, this is probably... incomprehensible to an English speaking audience, so I will explain for the benefit of editors and other people who might care. In an obscure SNES RPG called Bahamut Lagoon that has no english localization, or official one anyway, a hero and king of a certain country takes his queen for a ride on his dragon, Salamander. "It's so fast!" she yells happily. Years later, when he's away on a journey, she has an affair with a general from a neighboring country, who also takes her for a ride on his dragon. (I mean literal dragons here, btw, not as a metaphori- you know what, never mind.) While she's riding on his (literal) dragon, she yells, "It's way faster than Salamander!" 'cause she's a bitch? I guess? Anyway this quote, for reasons known only to the japanese, has stuck around as a metaphor for your wife or girlfriend choosing to ride another man's (metaphorical) dragon.
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