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Ozine Fest 2014 (day 3)

First of all, sorry for this writeup being so late. Ozine Fest 2014 was held last April 25-27, at SMX Convention Center. This writeup is a little bit different from the others that I've written..

On the night of April 26, I was talking with Rhoan (a cosplayer friend who attended the second day). I asked her if Ozine day 2 was ok. She answered me this: "Cosplayers enjoy each other's company, but the convention was EPIC FAIL". I didn't take seriously what she said, but I was wrong in not taking it seriously.

Without any further delay. Here are the pics.

Time: approximatly 11 am.

And at the entrance there is a nasty surprise already. Food and drinks are being confiscated. This is the first time I've seen something like this in a convention. Well, I guess they can sell their overpriced food and drinks better when people have no food and drink.


First cosplayer that we saw at the second floor is Nana Aoi, cosplaying as Rikka.

At this time, my companions had to put on wigs. So I waited at a corner on the 2nd floor. Took pics of people who passed by while waiting.

Rowena as Kurumi, and Charise doing a costrip.

Kuro cosplaying as Shinka. I guess Shinka likes the Mabinogion now. XD

Vanille as Eris from "She Died". I think this a popular story being written by someone from wattpad.


Moved a little away from the corner. and saw them near the escalator.

Jeanie as steampunk version of Red Riding Hood, and Faye as Raven. A wolf would have a hard time trying to eat this Red Riding Hood, her axe is huge. O_O


Well, can't walk very far. Went back to the corner.

Eve as Neko-chan. She came with her parents, they told me that she's a beginner in cosplaying. Well, this is pretty good start for a beginner.


Friends finished putting on wigs.

Alyssa as Taiga, Mich as Asuna, and Sarah as Fear. Alyssa told me that this might be her last cosplay event (had to quit for awhile because of school), which is a bit sad.


Went inside the function room.

First cosplayer that we met inside is Airi, cosplaying as Marie Rose from DOA 5.

Taking a short look at the shops inside.


Walking a bit more, we saw Christine. She'a cosplaying as Sifu from Last Airbender. It's a bit scary when I looked at her contact lens. Really looked like a blind person. O_O But she could still see through it.

Mirai Kuriyama cosplay by Rizu


Christine Mckeehan as Miku


Taking a look at the video games area.

Got out of the function room.

Time: approximately 1:30 in the afternoon.

And just at the exit we saw Stefani as Touko, and Angela as Enma Ai. Stefani is doing a nice acting on the Touko character, it looks like she's shy character who can cry at any moment. ;_;

Haru cosplaying as a character from League of Legends. Sorry, the writings on my notebook are a bit blurred, so can't write what character she's cosplaying as. >_<

Yumiko as Shinobu Oshino from Bakemonogatari


Well, time to get some food. At this part of the day - the convention is still ok. Let's walk to the other building. Don't want to buy Ozine's overpriced food sold at their cafe.

Natsumi as Megurine Luka and Chiaki as Kagamine Rin

After crossing the street, unexpectedly met a friend that I haven't seen for a long time. Gelli cosplaying as Sailor Jupiter. I think the character fits her because she's a tall girl. It's really nice to meet people that haven't seen for awhile. .. well, for some reason she accidentally left with us her spear props, and we had to run after her to return it. XD


I think this character is from Danganronpa? We are sort of in a rush, so I was not able to ask the name of the character anymore. Anyway, the nickname of the cosplayer is Kurumu.

Female Mcdonalds cosplay by Nira

Jovi cosplaying as Naka-chan from "Kantai Collection". Hmm, is Kantai collection an anime? No time to ask her, because we are in a hurry.

At the other building, we passed an area that looks like a playground.


Can play a game while waiting for the pizza.

Got our strength restored. We are now heading back to SMX building. Apparently, some cosplayers are also resting in this area. Well, it's a relaxing place where you can get away from the crowded SMX building.

Miho as Fionna from Adventure Time, and Sae-san as Maka from Soul Eater.


We suddenly have to go back to the pizza store. Forgot something there. XD

Ok, now that the small problem with the pizza store is ok. We now headed back again to SMX. Sensei is texting me that she's already there.

SMX Convention Center first floor.

Florilyn sensei cosplaying as Haruka Nanami from Uta Prince. I call her sensei because she's a teacher in real life. She's a good friend and a nice person to talk to.

. .

Misaki Fujioka as LUX from League of Legends


Zatsune Miku cosplay by Johanna

Ayreesh as Prince Hentai of Sloty Cat, and Rin Kagamine Sandplay by Kahreen.

The day has been going pretty well.. now something happened.

The Wall.

Ok, I've been going to SMX for more than 3 years already. And resting near the walls, sitting there to place your props and bags is ok - it's something that we normally do in BOA events. This time, a man wearing gray clothes told us to leave the walls - ok, that's fine. We left right away. Later we transferred to wait on another area. Then I noticed that there's a new group of bystanders on the place that we left, and the man cannot remove them. Then when he can't remove them. The man went to us (I was standing with many other photographers and cosplayers who look tired). The man is once again asking us to "move on with our business". Well, if we followed what he said - it would be the hot summer sun outside the building. One of the persons that we are standing with said.. "wag nyo siya pansinin" (english translation: ignore him). People just stood there looking at him, smiling at him, or ignoring him - and he left. Wow, did that guy seriously know what he's doing? He's just doing a power trip on tired people. This is Animesuki where cursing is not allowed, so I shall say no more. I later learned a few days later after the con, that there are other conventions going on that day, which is maybe the reason why the man wasn't able to remove us - is because we are already on the area of another convention.

Nachii as random school girl and Hana as Heroine from Amnesia. We had some talk with them about the things that happened during the day, and the happy mood is back again.

Mina as Irine and Cy as Rena

Time: approximately 5 in the afternoon.

Back inside the function room.

Kira as Utau Hoshina

One last look at the shops. There is a shopkeeper friend (her name is Olive, she's not the one in the pic) that I also wanted to meet today. But unfortunately, was not able to meet her anymore because this convention is very tiring.


Sit down and rest at another function room. Sarah changed to a maid outfit.

Taking some last shots before going home.

Sakura Kinomoto cosplay by Shing.

Xanthe as Heartseeker Ashe.

. .

Mitsuki Nase cosplay by Rhie

Last pic inside the function room is a Chii cosplay by Recia.

And finally, one last pic before going back to the car. This pic was taken with Sarah's cellphone.

In the end.. it happened as my friend Rhoan said.. it's fun to see cosplayers, but the convention itself is FAIL (too many things if I would mention them all here).

Ozine Day 2.

Showed to me by friends who went to day 2. Foreigners who wish to visit cosplay events in the Philippines. I would advise to go to the BOA 2014 and Toycon events instead. Avoid Ozine Fest if you don't want hardship like we experienced today.


Well, that's all. Thank you for reading. Next report is Toycon 2014, coming this June.

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