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Short-cut Tutorial :

Hmm... So many Tutorial, they can be handy.. though can you remember them all? For people who dont know about them, Short-cuts are really! Cool!! to cool for some people

//The Action tab which you use, is located right next to the Layers tab// You cant! miss it. If you Do please PM me and you will get some well needed help....

-> Click : Create new action
-> Type name of the action, and what keys you want to use.
-> Click Record: Right now it is recording nearly every action you make in image ready, so only do what you want to record. ( if you make a mistake, there is a delete button next the [Create new action] you can use.
->For this short-cut I'm making a simple 1px border. So the only actions I do are.
-> Crtl + A
-> EDIT -> Stroke -> 1 px black

-> press Stop

Now! When ever you want to, use a 1 black px border all you have to do is press
-> Crt + Shift + F10 ( Though You can asign it to just pressing [ F2 ] which is alot easier )

Very! simple Tutorial, should be Idoit Proof, if I made it Clear. I think Catgirls might have made some quick tut. on it else-where but cant find it >.> Anyway Go cRazy with Short-cuts now!

Needless to say.. if you didn't get anything from this, you will learn but one! thing Dont! piss Kenshin off.
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