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Post Complicating a Selection.

The problem...

We can make simple cyrcles, squares etc mm.. but what if we want to make a more complex shape for example.
Why?!.. To use it as a border for example:


The How To...

Everything is very straight forward and is done with Photoshop/ImageReady's integrated features.
Before continuing make sure you have an understanding of how to add a rounded border.
If you don't, read: Making Rounded Borders.

The key lies in making the selection.
When you make a normal selection you'll notice that if you try to make it again the previous selection is deleted and replaced by the new one.

This is do to the settings in the status bar located right bellow the main menu bar.

Spoiler for The Status-Bar:

There are 4 settings. The initial default setting is New Selection. You can see it highlighted above.

The Settings
What does what...

They are as follows from left to right:
  • New Selection
    When you try to select somewhere the previous selection is completly deleted/removed and replaced by the new one, you just made.

  • Add to Selection
    When you make a new selection it will be added to the previeus one.

  • Substract from Selection
    The new selection deletes the old one when it intersects with it.

  • Intersect with Selection
    Similar to Substract from Selection only working in reverse, only the part that is in both selections will remain and everything else is deleted.

Spoiler for Replies:

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