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kuro-rekishi ("Dark History")

Something that is so bad, it is never discussed or brought up again as it never happened.

The word comes from the frequent usage of the term kuro-rekishi in the anime "Turn-A Gundam." In it, the story tells of how all the previous Gundam animes were part of one singular kuro-rekishi whose wars and technologies are part of an advanced lost history. Scenes of all the previous Gundam animes make cameos, along with excavations of mechas (previous gundams, zakus, etc.) from the kuro-rekishi era.

The terminology was since assimilated into otaku lingo to describe past works that are just so darn horrible that it should never be mentioned again.

Examples of kuro-rekishi titles:

Mirai Shounen Conan II Taiga Adventure
Due to viewer response, the "Mirai Shounen Conan II" part was dropped from the title.

Sister Princess
First season's sakuga and story quality sucked big time. Many fans joked when the second TV series' title was named "RePure." And by looking at the second season, it seemed that was what the anime staff had in mind - to throw out the previous one as an utter failure and to "re-puritize" the SisPre franchise to the way it should've been.

Macross II
Much like Highlander II, both "sequels" almost killed the franchise.

Secret of Blue Water Nadia - The Movie
The movie departed much from the original TV series that many say it was a totally different anime.

Shingetsutan Tsukihime
Especially hard-core TYPE-MOON fans dislike the way they butchered the story. Ciel-sempai not eating curry and eating spaghetti instead? Blasphemy!!

Mahou Sensei Negima!
Weird hair colors, declining sakuga quality, poor script writing had even the original manga author in sweatdrops. www

Hellsing (TV version)
Blasphemy. That's why another company are doing the OVA.

Lupin III - Fuuma Conspiracy
Change the entire voice cast of Lupin III!? How dare they do that!!!

The term kuro-rekishi has also encompassed to anything that should be put under the rug, never to be spoken of again. For example:

Miyamura Yuko
The time she appeared in a porno before she became well-known seiyuu.

The manga version of Suzumiya Haruhi by Mizuno Makoto
Mizuno Makoto's manga version of Suzumiya Haruhi was published back in September of 2004, but it was so bad that fans refused to acknowledge it. When a new serialization was made on Shounen Ace by Tsuganogaku in 2005, the publishers even said that "this is the first manga adaptation of Suzumiya Haruhi," officially putting Mizuno Makoto's version as something to be never mentioned again.

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