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Originally Posted by BlackCatXIII
Ok here's something that may not be true but seems to be valid in practice. A gif that has very little movement in it (I'm not refering to the frames... I'm talking about color displacement, for example in the gif above Nagi only turns his head so basicly the rest is static) will be more eficient then a gif that has very complex img movement difrence betwean frames.
I'm gonna expand on what BlackCatXIII has said.
Basically for a gif, the less movement or changes between frames there are, the smaller the filesize.

For example, look at this gif:

Not much movement, yes?
So the filesize should be small... woah ! 62 KB?
But only the eyes and mouth are moving!

...Or is it?
Upon closer inspection you will realise that the background isn't consistant.
This is very common when making gifs from anime footages. (esp. fansubs, as the videos are compresssed)
The variance in the background contributes to the filesize.

So let's get started on reducing the size!

The trick is knowing which parts of the gifs you want to be moving and which parts to be static.
In this case, we only want the eyes and mouth to move, everything else should stay static.
So, we select the eyes and mouth, and delete the rest of the background EXCEPT for the first frame.
We need the first frame as the reference for the background.

Finally, just make the first frame show up for the rest of the frames.


36 KB!
Thats better.

Till next time, folks.

Oh, and don't forget to worship the impish, but adorable Hagino Kana!
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