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Post Fixed Ratio Cropping.

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Originally Posted by Kira_Naruto
^^ .. Press Shift while making the selection... you get a nice square ^^ .. No need to check the width and height
You could also set the Hight (H:) and Width (W:) to 100 each that way you don't have to hold Shift. Using Shift has a tendecy to cause errors. For example 101 x 100 , got to hate it when that happens. Usually it's due to human error and the snap setting.

I found it usefull in creating sigs since it gives me a perfect 500X160 rectangle to work with. Note it tends to zoom out afterwards. So if you see it smaler check the zoom. It should always end up 500X160 exact. Using this method you skip image resize since your croping it to the exact size

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Other tool have this option as the Fixed Aspect Ratio (the default is normal)

To revert to a random selection set the H and W to 0. Or in Photoshop hit the Clear button.

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