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Originally Posted by Sorrow-K
On the one hand, I love the scathingly witty comedy and almost all of the characters. But, on the other hand I hate the fact that the story progresses at a snail's pace and that Tenma is used as a device to stall every single chance of any relationship progressing over and over and over again.
I share the same sentiment and complaint of School Rumble. From what I can infer of what you mean by "plot progress" is the process of resolving primarily the romantic relationships between the characters. But I realized that this constant turmoil of relationships is part of what School Rumble is, an intrinsic quality of the series. It is through this mess of misunderstandings that School Rumble delivers its brunt and brand of humor. In episode 01 of this new season, the romantic situation worsened, laying the foundation for even more comedy to occur in this season. You can bet still more bedlams of relationships are yet to come before everyone reaches a stable and satisfied status (if it ever does).
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