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Originally Posted by Ronin Aquila
Flag, sir?

Pray tell, is that short for a four worded slogan? Only started to learn net slang a scant 4 months ago.
"Flag" is a term one uses for events that occur in dating sims, that functions as turning points and cross roads for different situations and endings.

Since Eri's encounter with Harima were always "dating-sim-like", in the sense that they hardly ever talk normally, but always meet at critical situations, their relationship is called the "Flag".

There are some terms I found on the Internet: Note that there is likely more out there.

Flag/Jersey Faction: Harima x Eri

Oudou (main) Faction: Harima x Tenma

Dream come True Faction: Hanai x Yakumo

Riceball Faction: Harima x Yakumo

Kids Meal Faction: Harima x Eri or Harima x Yakumo
(Little Japanese Flag + Onigiri = Japanese Kids Meal)

Monkey Faction: Harima x Eri x Yakumo

Flute Faction: Hanai x Mikoto

Chinese Food Faction: Asou x Sara

Applejuice Faction: Imadori x Ichijou

Under the Moon Faction: Hanai x Harima

Cousin Faction: Harima x Itoko

Bloody Mary Faction: Eri x Yakumo
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