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Originally Posted by MrProphet
And the music is so fitting as well (I mean the BGM). And I always feel so weird looking at Haruhi's eyes. The way they've drawn them... you know, it was as if they've used this semitransparent multilayered glass effect to show different hues and colors. I can believe those eyes were actually drawn, not rendered, they look so alive and real (while staying in the anime convention).
Yeah, I really liked the violin piece in the scene when Mikuru was first introduced. And on a few other occassions some nice pieces as well. Gotta agree on the eyes as well, just beautiful. :)

Originally Posted by justsomeguy
ZOMG! A Shuffle cameo. What's the other one?
Just some art from Nishimata Aoi. The two shots are taken from covers of Comptiq magazine 4 and 11 2005.

Hmm, made two ava gifs for the undressing scene. Didn't turn out as expected, oh well...

And to add all of Haruhi's different hairstyles:

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