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Originally Posted by LordStrafe
Hmmm. I like the show, for what it is. But... I have to say, I think I'm a little disappointed w/ AnimeU's translation.
They take a lot of liberties, which I tend to not be fond of. "Bring it, don't sing it"? Ugh... If I wanted to watch an Americanized translation, I'd wait for Viz to sub it...

Which, I guess, is a little harsh to say about AnimeU. I'm sure they work hard on it and everything. I just wish they didn't take so many liberties. That, and the font they use is a little hard to read.
AnimeU did the same thing in Shuffle! Sometimes it worked when they were channeling the "spirit" of the comment, having the character say it the way an American might convey the same thought. Thats a risky road and can lead to unintended meaning though. There's no real answer to that, some people prefer as literal as translation as possible adjusted for grammar, others prefer more flair.

Thats why I like to see more than one group subbing a series - for comparative translations. I pretty much view their work as "more of a set of guidelines than an actual code" (Jack Sparrow )

Having seen the first ep... listened to what was said versus what was written.... in some cases I thought it was an improvement over the actual dialog. Other than the cute character designs of Flonne and Etona (sp?), I don't see a lot to recommend yet. I'll give it the usual 3 eps. Caveat: I've not ever even seen the game so I have zero expectations or prejudice.
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