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Lightbulb Signature Size Limit.

Ok, this isn't exactly a tutorial but at least future makers will be able to read it.

> "50,000 bytes or less: Maximum of 500 pixels wide x 160 pixels tall"

The problem
The thing is this...

When you make a Signature make sure you look at the size in bytes instead of kilobytes because AnimeSuki rules state that total size of your Signature must be 50,000 bytes NOT 50Kb

1kb = 1000 bytes
1Kb = 1024 bytes (note the capital "K" in "Kb")
1kib = 1024 bytes (read: "kibibyte")

More Info in the Wiki Article.

So it's theoretically possible to have a sig that's 50k yet larger then 50,000 bytes. Bellow is an example.

Mistake Example
A sig of 2 images...

This is 49.2 Kb which is 50,473 bytes... hence it's OVER THE LIMIT

To clarify, here's a quote from one of the administrators.
Originally Posted by xris's 473 bytes over the limit. And it doens't matter if it's 1 byte or 1,000 bytes, over limit is over limit

- The mesege was directed at this particular Signature -

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