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Originally Posted by zalas
Don't you find it odd that the window sill and table have weird artifacts on the edges? It looks like aliasing or something, so I'm thinking it's just a 720 line analog capture of a 480 line source. However, a downsample to 720x480 and then back up to 1280x720 using bilinear both ways (haven't tried Lanczos) does make slightly blurrier/wider lines on the edges, so I dunno.
Here's the 704x396 version enlarged to 1280x720 using Bilinear:

Here's the 704x396 version enlarged to 1280x720 using Lanczos3:

And here's the 1280x720 version I have, from my last post:

As far as I can see, I'm getting better quality (the quality of pictures from BSplayer's screen capture function isn't all that great either, the colors are actually more vibrant than what you see here, and the lines are less blurry), and the black line on the bottom is barely noticable, so I'm satisified. ^^

EDIT: typed the resolution wrong

I don't watch the fansubs, so everything above are raw videos, but sometimes sub groups do their own cleanings to make the quality better. I wonder if the fansub show any improvement in quality over the raws?

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