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Originally Posted by Thess View Post
Please re-watch the scene, there's a layout of around 2 meters or more when he crawls.
I did, and I really don't see him pulling himself more than about 1-1.5 metres. Perhaps we'll just have to agree to disagree about that.

Originally Posted by Thess View Post
Saazbaum was behind Asseylum-in front of Inaho and Slaine was between them but with a good distance. Slaine should have been positioned behind Asseylum's body and facing Inaho because behind Inaho was the Sleipnir.
Because Slaine was on the Tharsis?

Maybe you should watch the scene again. Because Slaine had gotten off the Tharsis long before that point.

16:23 - Just for reference: the structure of the chamber housing the Aldnoah Drive.

17:18 - Slaine climbs out of the Tharsis. We hear him start moving towards where he thinks Saazbaum should be.

17:32 - Slaine has climbed down from the Tharsis and moved onto the dais, whilst Asseylum has descended to the very bottom of the chamber. She's opened the cockpit to the Sleipnir and is looking into it, with her back to Slaine. When Slaine hears her voice, he turns around where he is, in between Asseylum and Saazbaum but off to one side (on the dais).

18:08 - Asseylum moved towards Inaho with the impact of the first bullet, meaning that it came from behind her as she was looking at Inaho. She even turned around to look at where it came from. When the second bullet hit, it caught her at an angle, causing her head to whip around and sending her to the floor. (NB: I'm also happy to agree to disagree over how far she should have been thrown by the impact.)

18:11 - At this point, Slaine has climbed down onto the same level that Asseylum is on, and was looking at Asseylem and Inaho. After realising what's happened, he whips his head around to the left and sees Saazbaum, turns on the spot and shoots him. This means that, from Saazbaum's perspective, he should be to the right of the straight line to Asseylum.

So why is Slaine meant to be behind Asseylum's body and facing Inaho?

Originally Posted by Thess View Post
Yes, because legitimate criticism means I have to do it. Why are you so overdefensive by obvious unprofessional mistakes? That's unusually childish of you. Why not hire someone competent of the field, instead of giving the job to obvious mediocre to bad people?
"Legitimate criticism"?

By my estimate, a lot of your criticism is, at best, extremely biased. Perhaps we need to agree to disagree on this as well.

Also, you and I seem to regard different kinds of behaviour as childish. For me, what I find most childish is people complaining about the same thing over and over again. We heard you the first time, even the second and third times. Do you really think you need to make the point 10 times over?

Originally Posted by Slaine View Post
I can't find it. I was pretty sure it was mentioned in an interview recently that he was walking towards the princess.
You mean this?

Originally Posted by Fjoergyn View Post

Q スレイン君は姫様に恋してるの?12話の最後、嫉妬っぽいけど…
A 1クールではあんまり描いてないけど、2クールを見てもらったら「嫉妬」ではなく「別の目的」があるこ とがわかる。12話でスレインが立ち去った時、一体どこへ歩いて行ったのか、がヒントらしい

My translation (-karice):

Q: Was Slaine in love with the princess? At the end of ep 12, it seemed like he was jealous...
A: It wasn't really depicted in the first cour, but if you watch the second cour, you'll realise that it wasn't jealousy, but something else. Where Slaine departs to in episode 12, where he is heading when he walks off, is a hint.
It was an A/Z talk event held at ufotable (the cinema) in Tokushima.

How Suetsugu Yuki drew the cover for Chihayafuru volume 34

Interview translations etc

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